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How to see skill levels

If you hover the mouse over a skill and see (0+21), etc., the first value is the character's own skill level, and the + value in the second is the bonus level acquired through equipment, faith, etc. In this case, since the skill level of the first half is 0, the character does not possess that skill and will not level up.

Skill Potential

Increases the experience gained in a skill.

You can train the latent ability by giving a platinum coin to the trainer corresponding to each skill. Once the level of the skill is increased, the latent ability will be decreased by the amount of training.

The minimum potential is a flat 100, to which is added a bonus based on the skills possessed by the class and race. Potential can never fall below this value.

It is important to visit the trainer regularly to train in order to quickly raise your skill level.

Initial Skills

All Characters start with the following skills:

General Skills: Mining, Lumberjacking, Gathering, Meditation, Faith

Production Skills: Carpentry, Crafting

Combat skills: Heavy Armor, Shield, Throwing, Light Armor, Evasion, Strategy

Weapon Skills: Martial Arts, Long Sword, Axe, Scythe, Staff, Polearms, Mace, Bow, Short Sword, Crossbow

These skills in combination with skills granted from Class and Race become the player's initial skills.

Further skills can be learned from Skill Trainers in specific towns or settlements.

Alias are useful for modding and console commands.

General Skills

Stat Skill Name Starting Class Starting Race Learned At Effect Alias
Strength Mining Hillfolk Olvina,Yowyn Allows mining more difficult materials

Increases mining speed

Strength Digging Olvina, Yowyn Allows digging more difficult materials

Increases digging speed

Strength Weightlifting Pianist Hillfolk, Golem Tinker's Camp, Noyel Increases carrying weight limit weighlifting
Endurance Lumberjacking Olvina, Yowyn Allows cutting of more difficult materials

Increases lumberjacking speed

Endurance Regeneration Warrior, Farmer, Paladin, Executioner Chaos Shape,Demigod Tinker's Camp, Noyel Increases rate of health regeneration

Increases effectiveness of bandages

Endurance Farming Farmer Olvina, Yowyn Increases maximum level of crops

Increases chance crop will level up

Endurance Swimming Tourist Tinker's Camp, Noyel Allows travel further distances through deep water without drowning.
Dexterity Stealth Gunner Fairy, Juere Tinker's Camp, Noyel Reduces chance of detection by enemies stealth
Dexterity Lockpicking Thief Derphy Allows unlocking of higher level chests lockpicking
Dexterity Disarm Trap Thief, Gunner Derphy Increases chance of disarming traps disarmTrap
Dexterity Pickpocket Thief Fairy, Mifu Thieves Guild Reduces detection chance when stealing

Allows stealing of heavier objects

Learning Literacy Wizard, Warmage, Pianist, Priest,Inquisitor, Sword Sage Eulderna, Mifu, Succubus Tinker's Camp, Noyel Allows reading of higher level books

Increases reading speed

Allows crafting at writing tool

Learning Gathering Olvina, Yowyn Increases gathering speed gathering
Learning Appraising Tinker's Camp, Noyel Reduces time needed to appraise items

Cannot appraise miracle or higher quality items

Learning Anatomy Archer, Executioner Tinker's Camp, Noyel Increases drop chance of meat from monsters anatomy
Learning Memorization Wizard Mage's Guild Increases spell stock gain from spellbooks memorization
Willpower Meditation Sword Sage Elea, Chaos Shape, Lich, Wraith, Nefu, Succubus, Demigod Lumiest, Willow Increases rate of mana regeneration

Increase the effectiveness of meditation ability

Willpower Faith Farmer, Priest, Inquisitor Lumiest, Willow Increases maximum god favour faith
Willpower Fishing Tourist Olvina, Yowyn Increases chance of multi-catch

Increases chance of catching rare items

Willpower Riding Farmer, Archer, Witch Tinker's Camp, Noyel Difference between mount's level and riding skill determines riding penalties riding
Willpower Travel Tourist Juere Merchant's Guild Increases XP gain from walking on the world map travel
Perception Spot Hidden Gunner Juere Derphy Increases chance hidden traps will be found spotting
Magic Casting Wizard, Warmage, Priest, Inquisitor, Paladin, Sword Sage, Witch, Eulderna, Fairy, Elea, Lich, Wraith, Mifu, Nefu, Demigod Lumiest, Willow Increases chance of successfully casting a spell casting
Magic Control Magic Wizard Mage's Guild Decreases chance and damage allies take from friendly spells or breath controlmana
Magic Magic Device Wizard, Sword Sage, Witch Eulderna, Lich, Wraith Derphy Increases effectiveness of potions, rods and wands magicDevice
Magic Magic Capacity Elea, Golem Mage's Guild Decrease damage taken from over-casting manaCapacity
Charisma Investing Yerles Lumiest, Willow Decreases money required to invest in towns and shops investing
Charisma Music Pianist Tinker's Camp, Noyel Allows playing for higher level audiences music
Charisma Negotation Pianist Yerles, Nefu Merchant's Guild Decreases prices at shops and services, caps eventually negotiation
Charisma Symbiosis Warmage Succubus Tinker's Camp, Noyel Difference between player and symbiote determines penalties parasite

Crafting Skills

  • Crafting when under skill requirements increases stamina cost of crafting per difference.
  • Crafting when in excess of skill requirements slightly raises the quality of the final product per difference.
  • Poor quality cooking always results in a failed dish.
Stat Skill Name Starting Class Starting Race Learned At Alias
Strength Carpentry Palmia carpentry
Strength Blacksmith Palmia blacksmith
Learning Alchemy Witch Palmia alchemy
Endurance Sculpture Palmia sculpture
Dexterity Jewelry Palmia jewelry
Dexterity Weaving Palmia weaving
Dexterity Crafting Palmia handicraft
Learning Cooking Farmer Palmia cooking

Combat Skills

Stat Skill Name Starting Class Starting Race Learned At Effect Alias
Strength Two Handed Warrior, Paladin, Executioner Golem Port Kapul Increases weapon damage when fighting two-handed (all but one hand slot empty) twohand
Endurance Heavy Armor Warrior, Priest, Paladin Hillfolk Port Kapul Increases PV when wearing heavy armour (armour weight >= 30s) armorHeavy
Endurance Shield Warrior, Priest Port Kapul Increases PV when equipping a shield

Lv.5: Physical Damage Reduction +10% when using shield style Lv.10: Shield Bash(Passive, Bash with a shield to paralyze or dim.)

Dexterity Throwing Pianist, Witch, Executioner Port Kapul Increases damage from throwing throwing
Dexterity Dual Wield Thief Fighter's Guild Decreases dual wield penalties twowield
Dexterity Light Armor Archer Port Kapul Increases PV when wearing light armour (armour weight < 30s) armorLight
Perception Tactics Warrior, Warmage, Paladin, Sword Sage, Demigod Fighter's Guild Increases melee and throwing damage

Lv.5: Ability of Rush

Perception Evasion Thief, Archer, Warmage, Gunner, Inquisitor, Port Kapul Increases DV evasion
Perception Marksman Archer, Gunner, Inquisitor, Yerles Thieves Guild Increases ranged damage (throwing not included) marksman
Perception Eye of Mind Fighter's Guild Increases crit chance eyeofmind
Perception Greater Evasion Port Kapul evasionPlus
Learning Strategy Port Kapul Reduces autocombat damage penalty strategy

Weapon Masteries

These skills increase damage and hit rate of the associated weapons.

Attribute Skill Name Starting Race/ Class Learned At Alias
Strength Martial Art Yerles, Eulderna, Hilfolk, Juere, Chaos Shape, Lich, Wraith, Golem, Mifu, Nefu,Succubus, Demigod Mysilia martial
Strength Long Sword Warrior, Thief, Warmage, Inquisitor, Paladin, Sword Sage, Executioner


Mysilia weaponSword
Strength Axe Warrior, Thief, Archer, Executioner Mysilia weaponAxe
Strength Scythe Farmer, Executioner Mysilia weaponScythe
Endurance Staff Thief, Wizard, Farmer, Warmage, Priest, Sword Sage Mysilia weaponStaff
Endurance Polearm Warrior, Farmer, Warmage, Priest, Paladin, Sword Sage Mysilia weaponPolearm
Endurance Mace Warrior, Warmage, Priest, Gunner, Paladin Mysilia weaponMace
Dexterity Bow Archer Mysilia weaponBow
Dexterity Short Sword Warrior, Thief, Wizard, Archer, Priest, Inquisitor Mysilia weaponDagger
Perception Gun Gunner, Inquisitor


Thieves Guild weaponGun
Perception Crossbow Thief, Archer, Gunner, Inquisitor, Sword Sage Mysilia weaponCrossbow


Currently Unimplemented and unobtainable

Stat Skill Name Starting Class Starting Race Learned At Effect
Endurance Climbing Not Implemented
Willpower Milking Not Implemented
Charisma Taming Not implemented