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If you enter an empty tile on the global map or are attacked, you will be moved to the outdoor map.

The further away you are from the highway, the higher the danger level and the more powerful enemies will appear, but you will also be able to find rocks that can yield rare ores.

There are several biomes on the outdoor map, which are chosen based on the terrain of the tile.

In Elin, you can enter the sea tiles, but it is difficult to travel long distances as prolonged time in the water can result in drowning and damage.

Biome tile Growing tree Other features remarks
Plains Meadow, flower garden Oak, cedar, birch, rosewood Crim, Berry, Api, Bamboo shoot, Pasture grass, Silver grass
highway road Same as plain or coast Same as plain or coast Sometimes there are friendly guards who will fight against enemies.
Forest Tree, forest Fruit trees, mushroom trees (green, purple), trees that grow on the plains Mushrooms, bird's nests, blue flowers, flowers, Bamboo shoot
Cherry blossom and willow forest Cherry blossoms, willow trees Cherry blossoms, willows, trees that grow on the plains Mushrooms, bird's nests, blue flowers, flowers
Mountain Mountain (orange) Pine, Mahogany Sulfur rock, Crystal, Rafflesia Many large rocks (ore)
Coast Beach Paruru Sea sand blocks/floor, cactus, rock salt
Bridge Bridge None (mahogany fence) None Karma decreases when you destroy a bridge
Sea In the sea None Seaweed, rock salt, coral In winter, the sea freezes over so you can walk around and not drown.
Snowy field General snowfall areas Acacia, Fir Ice block/floor, blue flower Shiva, mammoth, reindeer, and Snow Petit often appear as enemies.


The following objects and NPCs may be randomly generated on outdoor maps.

  • Shrines and statues
  • Altar and twin tails
  • Treasure chests (both with and without keys. Contains a small amount of orens, a small medal, gold bars, and a recipe.)
  • Fanatics who torture infidels

Fast Travel

This is a function that can only be used on the global map, and allows you to warp to a place you have visited by consuming food and days.

Recommended when you want to move safely without fear of attack or starvation, or when you want to intentionally let the days pass.

Detailed specifications are as follows.

  • The elapsed time increases depending on the distance to the destination.
  • Consumption travel food is the number of days elapsed + 1.
  • After the required time has elapsed at the starting point, you will be automatically transferred to the destination area.
  • The player himself is not affected by the passage of time (hunger, sleepiness), but the items he owns are affected by the passage of time.