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Shrines and statues are objects that can be found in the wilderness, or in nefia. Activating them has different effects.

Clicking takes effect immediately and cannot be undone.

Shrine Effect Remarks
Replenish Fully restores HP and MP, and restores 1/3 of the maximum Stamina
Enlightenment Spawns an ancient book or skill manual
(Material) Hammer Changes an item into the shrine's material Artifacts cannot change their materials.
Thing Gives a bottle of water
Strife Summons an elite and several monsters
Wheel Grants random recipe
Armor (Grey) Acts as a scroll of enhance armor Can be enhanced up to +1 to +2
Armor (Golden) Acts as a scroll of greater enhance armor Can be enhanced up to +1 to +4
Statue Effect Remarks
Element Spawns a material kit Oak, pearl, cotton, mica, cashmere, dragon scale
Earth Spawns a material kit Platinum, granite, crystal, grass, rubyus
Luck Gives a Fragrance of Goddess

or Black Cat's Saliva

Both items relate to Wishing and are stored in the Journal's Key Item.

You can get only one Fragrance of Goddess per year. If you already possess it, you can get the Black Cat's Saliva instead.

Wind Spawns a Blood of Fallen Angel Rare craft materials
Healing Fully restores HP and MP Sometimes caught fishing.