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Requests that can be accepted on the bulletin board are randomly generated from NPCs in town.

Completing the request will increase the player's reputation value and influence on the town, and will receive money such as oren, platinum coins, and furniture tickets.


  • Name: My hobby collections, Urgent request, Gift for myself, Supply, research material, Collector's request,
  • Contents: Deliver the specified items
  • Note: Rewards will increase depending on the quality of the item.

Bulk order

  • Name:
  • Contents: Delivery of multiple pieces of junk or other specified items.
  • Note:


  • Name: A new recipe!, Healthy eating, My Stomach!, Cocktail party!, Enchanting eggs, Going on a picnic, Meat!, Fruit Dessert, I love noodles!, Fish for children, Bread enthusiast, My Stomach!, Hot soup night!
  • Contents: Deliver a dish of a specified genre or a specified item.
  • Note: The type of dishes required depends on the player's cooking skill.


  • Name: Small errand, The city in a frenzy, Delivery request,
  • Contents: Deliver items to the specified city
  • Note: The penalty for failure is large (Karma -15)


  • Name: Urgent request, Escort requested!, Simple Escort, Messenger's Escort, Prevent an assassination
  • Contents: Take the escort target to the designated city.
  • Note: The escort target is not counted in the number of companions taken. In Elona, some escort requests had extremely short deadlines or were interrupted by assassins, but as of Elin's beta version, all escort requests are the same.


  • Name: Harvest for me
  • Contents: Go to a field and deliver a specified weight of crops within a time limit.
  • Note: Currently, vegetables harvested over the limit can be saved and turned in during subsequent quests, leading to a domino effect of being able to take higher and higher difficulty quests back to back.


  • Name: Celebrity party,
  • Contents: Go to the party venue and score a specified number of points within a time limit.
  • Note: Unlike Elona, killing a partygoer decreases karma.


  • Name: Troublesome monsters, Regular patrol, A little good deed
  • Contents: Defeat the specified number of enemy monsters
  • Note: It is easy to achieve this even in the early stages by hunting weak enemies.

Hunting (with race specification)

  • Name: Foul race!
  • Contents: Defeat the specified number of specified races.
  • Note: Unlike normal subjugation requests, defeating a neutral NPC will still count as long as the race matches.


  • Name: Request for extermination of monsters, monsters around the house, extermination of monsters
  • Contents: Go to the dedicated map and defeat all the monsters there.
  • Note:


  • Name: Monster's den, We're at war!
  • Contents: Fight against endless enemies, defeat enemy generals marked with "", and return home.
  • Note: Use the ★ battle horn when retreating. Exiting from the edge of the map will be treated as a failure. The more enemies you defeat, the higher your reward will be, but the enemies that appear will also gradually become stronger.