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Worship provides many bonuses to the player. The Gods of Elin each have their own domains and relationships with each other.

Bonuses from worship scale with how long you have been worshipping the deity in question, as well as your favor with him or her.

Special actions granted by worship cost stamina to activate.


God Offerings Passive Pet Artifact Gift Bonuses Static Altar Altar Material
Eyth of Void (Demigod Only)Strength, Endurance, Dexterity, Perception, Learning, Will, Magic, Charisma, Speed Truce Ground Granite
Kumiromi of Harvest Corpses, Seeds, Vegetables, Fruits Perception, Dexterity, Learning, Farming, Alchemy, Weaving, Literacy Cute Fairy Seeds are generated from rotting food. Seeds are enhanced. Truce Ground Topaz
Opatos of Earth Corpses, Ore Strength, Endurance, Shield, Weightlifting, Mining, Blacksmith Golden Knight Reduce all damage taken by 10%. Truce Ground Adamantite
Itzpalt of Element Corpses, Spellbooks, Polearms, Ancient Books, Naughty Books Magic, Meditation, Fire Resistance, Cold Resistance, Lightning Resistance Exile Elemental Staff Learn the special action "Absorb Mana", restores mana. Truce Ground Rubynus
Mani of Machine Corpses, Guns, Drugs Dexterity, Perception, Gun, Spot Hidden, Lockpicking, Appraising, Strategy Android Winchester Premium

Ring Of Void

Dominate Hostile Machines. Truce Ground, Aquli Teola Chromite
Ehekatl of Luck Corpses, Fish Charisma, Luck, Evasion, Magic Capacity, Fishing, Stealth Black Cat Lucky Dagger Randomize mana and stamina cost. Truce Ground Mica
Jure of Healing Corpses, Junk, Gravestones, Cake, Bread, Cookie Will, Endurance, Regeneration, Meditation, Anatomy, Cooking, Magic Device, Magic Capacity Defender Holy Lance Learn the special action "Prayer of Jure", heals the party. Truce Ground, Noyel Diamond
Lulwy of Wind Corpses, Booze, Bows, Crossbows Perception, Speed, Bow, Crossbow, Evasion, Taming Black Angel Wind's Wrap

Wind Bow

Learn the special action "Lulwy's Trick", grants speed. Truce Ground Lapis Lazuli
Elin of Harmony N/A Opal
Yaksha of Oblivion N/A Onyx
Kizuami of Trickery Corpses, Short Swords, Rice Meal, Noodle Meal Charisma, Luck, Speed, Memorization, Control Magic, Nether Resistance, Holy Resistance White Vixen Kogitsunemaru Learn the special action "Kizuami's Trick", buffs self and debuffs enemy Mifu Village Jade
Horome of Moonshadow Corpses, Long Swords, Rods Magic, Charisma, Long Sword, Casting, Music, Darkness Resistance Fox Maid Muramasa Learn the special action "Headpat". Raises affection; if the target is aligned with Horome, grant a buff.

Steal mana with melee attacks.

Nefu Village Dawn Cloth
Yevan of Strife Corpses, Long Swords, Axes, Body Armour Strength, Dexterity, Perception, Tactics, Two Handed, Dual Wield, Riding, Travel Militant Warmonger Physical attacks temporarily enhanced with enemies defeated. Effect stacks up to the more enemies you defeat, with more enemies required per level. Gradually fades if the player stops killing. The Place Where Winds Rest, Aquli Teola Titanium

Aside: Festivals and Gods

In seasonal festivals, some deities are worshipped or motifs are used as the main actors of the festival.

Yaksha of Oblivion: Festival of the Dead in Port Kapul, 6th month

Kumiromi of Harvest: Harvest Festival in Yowyn, 9th month

Jure of Healing: the Holy Night Festival in Noyel, 12th month

The Moonsong Festival of Olvina, 3rd month, is also a festival in honor of Odina, the Goddess of Compassion, although she is not a deity that can be worshipped.


By right-clicking on the altar and selecting “Worship”option, you can worship that deity.

At the Truce Ground north of Palmia, there are altars set up for the seven Pillars of Ylva (Izpalt, Opatos, Kumiromi, Jure, Lulwy, Ehekatl, and Mani) and Eyth.

As for the other deities, Kizuami has an altar dedicated to him in Mifu Village, south of Lumiest, Horome in Nefu Village, further north from the Truce Ground, and Yevan in The Place Where Winds Rest, east of Mysilia.

Note that the altars of Mani and Yevan are also located in Aquli Teola, so if you wish to worship them, we recommend that you head that way, which are closer to My home.

If you convert to another god while you have faith in a deity other than Eyth, you will receive divine punishment from the original deity with a strength corresponding to the number of days of faith.


The player may pray to their god once a day. Praying completely heals the player's HP and MP, in addition to training faith. Unlike in Elona, it does not cost favor.

Offerings and Favor

The player may offer an item as an offering by highlighting an altar of their god and selecting the "offer" option, or directly placing the item on the altar.

While all the gods of Ylva accept corpses as offerings, each also accepts other items. Heavier corpses and more valuable offerings grant more favor. Gifting offerings also trains the player's faith.

Unlike in Elona, gods do not appear to have favored offerings amongst those they accept. Instead, particularly valuable offerings will provoke the same response from the player's worshipped deity that was reserved for favored offerings in Elona.

Other changes from Elona include the fact that food-based offerings, such as fish and vegetables, are worth much less when spoiled. Also, they cannot be offered after being cooked. However, for gods who favor cooked dishes, the raw ingredients cannot be offered; for example, Kizuami will request "noodle dishes" but will not accept "noodles" before they are cooked.

A stack of items can be offered all at once; it will count as a single offering with the combined value of the entire stack.

Favor can be exchanged for goods and services. When the player has acquired enough piety by making offerings, praying will deliver a reward.

The Value of the Offering

The text of the item's dedication gives the approximate value of the item (the favor gained).

Value Message
< 0.5 disappears.
0.5 ~ 2.0 shines for a moment and disappears.
2.0 ~ 3.0 shines for a moment and disappears. A four leave clover falls from the alter.
> 3.0 shines all around and disappears. + Response from your God

There are two main standards of value for offerings, either variable in weight or fixed value. The quality of the offering has no effect on its value. In the case of food, rotting significantly reduces its value.

Fixed value(Books and rods)

Books and rods are supposed to have the following values, regardless of the number of uses remaining, type, or deciphering status.

Magic books: +4, Ancient Books and Naughty Books: +5, Rods: +3

Depends on weight

The value of offerings other than books and rods depends on the weight per item.

Corpses gain favor at a rate of 1.0 /1.0s.

Favored items corresponding to each deity other than corpses gain 1 point when less than 1.0s, and about 2 points when more than 1.0s. The value of heavier offerings also increases with weight, but it is not known how much they weigh and how much they are worth.

Stacking and dedicating items increases the strength of each offering.

However, there is an upper limit to the amount of favor that can be increased by a single offering, and if too many items are offered at once, the excess will be wasted.

The maximum amount is 30 points, so it is advisable to make offerings in smaller portions.

(currently being verified) Maximum amount of items to be offered at one time.

A border is set for each 30 points of favor, and if you dedicate all the points exceeding this border at once, the points earned for the amount exceeding the border will be reduced to about half the value. In addition, the excess can only accumulate a maximum of 15 points (equivalent to 30 points without halving).

Therefore, the maximum amount of favor that can be raised by a single offering is 45 points (equivalent to 30 points plus 15 points for the excess half).


The upper limit of favor is faith skill x 30, and the approximate current value can be measured from the yellow-green text that appears every 30 points earned.

The message will vary according to the ratio of the current favor to the maximum favor. If the message “You have felt oneness with God.” means that you are currently at the maximum level of faith, and you will need to increase your faith skill level to deepen your faith beyond that point.

Current value/max value Message
0 ~ 25% You felt God's presence far away.
25 ~ 45% You felt the distance between you and God shrinking.
45 ~ 75% You feel a sense of peace.
75 ~ 99% You feel as if your God is right beside you.
100% You feel a sense of oneness with your God.

Altar conversion

Offering an item on an altar not of one's god will attempt to claim the altar for the player's god. The success chance is dependent on the offering's favor gain. Failure will result in punishment. Attempts to convert altars dedicated to Eyth will never fail as the altar is considered empty.

Special altars like Mani's machine altar in Aqui Teola, Kizuami's shrine in Mifu Village, Horome's shrine in Nefu Village, and the altar of Yevan in cannot be converted.

Special altars such as the cyber altar at Mani in Aquli Teola, the altar of Kizuami in Mifu Village, the altar of Horome in Nefu Village, and the altar of Yevan in The Place Where Winds Rest cannot be taken over.

In addition, the altars located at the Truce ground and the altar of Jure in Noyel, which look like ordinary altars, cannot be taken over as well.


When a player earns a certain amount of favor through offerings or the passage of days of faith, God may reward the player when he or she prays manually.

Note that when a player prays automatically using the Feat of Model Follower, the reward is not received even if the conditions are met.


The first reward a god offers will be a pet. In order to advance your favor to the level where you can receive a pet, you must have a Faith skill of 15 or higher.

This follower will be of the apostle race, and always has the faith of its respective god. They are all considered good for riding.

While you can collect followers from different gods, attempting to put more than two in a party together will cause infighting amongst the apostles, which practically speaking means you can only ever use two at a time at most. This conflict even occurs between apostles who believe in the same God.

God Pet Gender Class STR END DEX PER LER WIL MAG CHA Life Mana Speed Ability Trait Feat Additional Notes
Eyth of Void
Kumiromi of Harvest Cute Fairy Male Archer 21 17 25 19 15 11 10 10 50 150 141 Mind Arrow, Slow, Eye of Dimness, Levitation, Summon Tentacle Elemental Dust 2 Magic, Dark, Nerve, Nether, Sound, Mind, Chaos Res ++ Ranged Mastery 2 Increased effectiveness of ranged weapons. Tentacles have 4 hands and 180 life. They pull nearby enemies close and entangle them in place.
Fairy Belly Spits out seeds after eating.
Opatos of Earth Golden Knight Female Warrior 26 27 14 11 11 15 10 12 100 150 101 Charge, Taunt, Nature's Embrace Earthen Master You can carry heavy items without complaint. Earth's gravity affects weapon attacks. Weapon Mastery 2 Increased Effectiveness of melee weapons. Initial carry weight is about 260s before she refuses to accept more.

Can survive fatal blows (exact mechanics unknown).

Itzpalt of Element Exile Male Wizard 11 11 11 17 16 25 25 10 100 150 101 Magic Dart, Darkness Dart, Nether Dart Continuous Casting Number or magic projectiles +1 Magic Mastery 2 Specialized Domains +2 Has innate magic, dark and nether immunities. With his faith bonuses, he can eventually be immune to 6 elements.
Mani of Machine Android Male Gunner 11 13 18 24 19 17 16 11 100 150 101 None Arcane Core Lightning Res -

Poison, Cut Res ++++

Immune to Daze, Bleeding

Thief's Luck 1 +15 Luck Reboot is instant and recovers about 25% health.

Recharges when sleeping.

Continuous Shooting Number of projectiles fired +2, Reload time reduced Ranged Mastery 1 Increased effectiveness of ranged weapons
Reboot You can reboot yourself upon death.
Ehekatl of Luck Black Cat Any Predator 22 29 24 11 11 11 11 12 50 150 171 Nether Arrow, Bane, Eye of Insanity Fluffy Tail Increased speed when not wearing waist gear. Unlike Elona, Black cat does NOT need to land the killing blow to lick. Black cat will lick boss chests as well as treasure chests, enchanting all equipment inside.
Blessing of Ehekatl Enhance dropped equipment.
Jure of Healing Defender Male Paladin 22 23 10 11 11 16 12 20 100 150 101 Cure Critical Wounds, Holy Veil, Lay on Hands Devout 2 Increase benefit from god's favour. Lay on hands recharges after sleeping.

Innately immune to holy.

Defensive Instinct 1 Lay on hands available when worshipping Jure.
Lulwy of Wind Black Angel Female Archer 21 16 23 19 14 12 12 11 100 150 101 Speed, Slow, Insult, Levitate Continuous Shooting Number of arrows fired +1, Reload time reduced Ranged Mastery 2 Increased power of ranged weapons Boost threshold is at about 25%.

Cannot boost while ridden or as a symbiote.

Boost You have greatly improved abilities when dying
Kizuami of Trickery White Vixen Female Wizard 11 10 10 17 16 26 27 11 80 150 131 Nether Bolt, Holy Bolt Fluffy Tail Increased speed when not wearing waist gear. Magic Mastery 2 Specialized Domains +2 Cursed equipment must be gifted (held and right click), destroyed on gift. Grants small amount of XP to a random spell proportional to item value. Doomed items grant more XP.

Innately immune to holy.

Miko You draw power from cursed equipment.
Horome of Moonshadow Fox Maid Female Paladin 22 23 10 11 11 16 12 20 80 150 106 Hero, Taunt Fluffy Tail Increased speed when not wearing waist gear. Devout 2 Increase benefit from god's favour. The level of the feat increases as the maid levels up, conferring additional bonus stats (15 life, 5 speed, and 1 holy, darkness and magic resistance per feat level). Sprite does not change from "evolution". Every 5 levels after 10, the maid earns an extra tail: she reaches her full nine tails at level 50.

While hero is single-target and not party-cast, she can target allies with it.

Celestial Fox Life + 15, Speed +5, Dark, Magic, Holy Res+, Evolves with each additional tail. Defensive Instinct 1 Lay on hands available when worshipping Jure
Elin of Harmony
Yaksha of Oblivion
Yevan of Strife Militant Male Warmage 20 21 14 13 11 18 23 10 100 150 101 Hero, Cure Critical Wounds Frontline Commander Strengthen allies per enemy count on the same level

+50% Base Potential for Long Sword, Mace, Staff, Polearm, Heavy Armor, Light Armor, and Shield

Weapon Mastery 1 Increased Effectiveness of melee weapons. Strength, dexterity, and perception boost applies to all party by a certain percentage. The ratio increases with the number of enemies on the map, with a maximum value of +30%. The rate of increase accelerates in proportion to the number of people possessing this feat.
Magic Mastery 1 Specialized Domains +1


The second reward a god offers will be an artifact. In order to advance your favor to the level where you can receive an artifact, you must have a Faith skill of 30 or higher.

Each weapon has a faction effect and can be equipped by anyone belonging to the same faction as the player, benefiting the entire faction.

However, the faction effect only works if the player has faith in the deity corresponding to the artifact. The faction effect on the artifact disappears when the player converts, but the enchantment is restored when the player returns to that faith again.


Obtaining a pot of water and placing it on the altar of one's god (Eyth included) will bless the water. The blessed water can then be blended with an item to bless it.

Placing water on an altar of a god one is not aligned with will curse it instead, and the cursed water can be blended with an item to curse it.


Gods begin the game indifferent to the player. The relation value can be negative or positive. Turning apostate from one god to the other reduces relation by a small amount from the god one is forsaking, but has no change in relation for the god of new worship. Certain actions seem to passively change the relation with gods, but offerings change relation more actively.

Attempting to convert an altar and failing (200 turns) or turning apostate (length dependent on previous degree of worship) hexes the player with a Punishment Hex which places an iron ball in their inventory that cannot be dropped, burdening the player. The weight of this ball is variable and scales with the player's carrying capacity.

The Pantheon

The Seven Pillars

The chief deities of Ylva: Itzpalt, Opatos, Kumiromi, Jure, Lulwy, Ehekatl and Mani (formerly Eyth). They govern large domains that impact the daily lives of Ylva's population and command most of the worship to be had.

Major Gods

Major deities of the pantheon. While not as prominent as the Seven Pillars, they hold sway over sizeable domains and have a good number of followers.

Examples of major gods are Elin of Harmony and Yakasha of Oblivion.

Minor Gods

Lesser gods of the pantheon. They govern smaller or specialized domains which the major gods have overlooked, and are worshipped by a smaller number of select peoples or professions.

Examples of lesser gods are Kizuami of Trickery and Horome of Moonshadow.

Negentropy (Chaos) Gods

Some gods are bad. During previous ages of Ylva, they were defeated in holy wars and sealed away by the Seven Pillars of the pantheon.

Innos Tur'as is an example of a negentropy god, and may be encountered in The Place Where Winds Rest.