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This is a list of melee and ranged weapon performance. For general equipment specifications, see the Equipment page.

Melee weapons

Attribute Classification Name Basic weight hit damage Penetration% DV PV Remarks
Strength Long Sword katana 1.2 25%
long sword 1.5 15%
claymore 4.0 0%
lightsaber 0.6 100% Has a high probability of Force enchantment.

Unlike Elona, non-etheric items are also produced

Axe hand axe 1.6 0%
battle axe 3.7 0%
bardish 3.5 0%
machine axe 3.2 20%
Sickle war sickle 1.4 5%
scythe 4.0 5%
Endurance Staff long staff 0.8 0%
staff 0.9 0%
cat paw 0%
Polearm long spear 2.5 25%
trident 1.8 25%
halberd 3.8 30%
Mace club 1.0 0%
mace 1.6 0%
Mallet 4.2 0%
Dexterity Short Sword short sword 0.6 15%
wakizashi 0.7 25%
scimitar 0.9 15%

Force weapon

A weapon has "It is wielded by the power of Force." enchant will refer to the player's magic attribute for attacks, and will refer to magic device and casting skills instead of weapon and tactics skills.

Ranged Weapons

Throwing weapons

Items that can be thrown, such as pebbles or panties, have a description that says "It is suitable for throwing."

There are some that are consumed as many times as you throw them, and some that return to your hand and can be thrown as many times as you like.

Damage calculations use the Throwing and Tactics skills, and have additional damage based on weight and hardness that is capped by strength.

Type Returning remarks
pebbles No Can be obtained by processing junk stones with a stone cutter
Panties Yes Additional mind damage [***]
Mic Yes Improve the quality of your performance[*]
Wooden gong Yes Improve the quality of your performance[*]

Additional Holy damage [***]

Severed head No
Flam No 3x3 explosion centered on the point of impact, mining walls, ores, etc. within range
★Putit in Amber Yes Rarely obtained when cutting down trees

Additional cold damage [*****]

Additional electric damage [*****]

Shooting Weapons

This includes bows, crossbows, guns, and wands.

Each type of weapon has a different firing range. Also, only guns require a turn to load and reload.

Distance to target is calculated triangularly and rounded down to the nearest integer.

Type Related skills Ammunition Basic weight Number of loads distance 1 distance 2 distance 3 distance 4 distance 5 distance 6 Reload time Pen% remarks
wooden bow Bow arrow, makeshift arrow 0.8 12 0.91 1 0.91 0.82 0.73 0.69 0 10% 2 dice, can be made on a woodworking desk
short bow Bow arrow, makeshift arrow 0.8 12 0.91 1 0.91 0.82 0.73 0.69 0 15% 3 dice, high accuracy modifier
long bow Bow arrow, makeshift arrow 1.2 12 0.73 0.82 0.91 1 0.91 0.82 0 20% Number of dice 2
skull bow Bow arrow, makeshift arrow 0.8 12 0.82 0.91 1 0.91 0.82 0.73 0 15% Dice count 1, hit modifier minus
crossbow Crossbow quarrel 2.8 12 0.73 0.82 0.91 1 0.91 0.82 0 25% 1 die, heaviest ranged weapon
hand gun Gun bullet 0.8 12 0.91 1 0.91 0.82 0.73 0.69 3 20% 1 dice, high accuracy modifier
assault rifle Gun bullet 1.2 30 0.82 0.91 1 0.91 0.82 0.73 3 1 dice, 3 attacks
railgun Gun energy cell 1.6 10 0.73 0.82 0.91 1 0.91 0.82 4 20% 1 die, largest die side for ranged weapons
cane Magic Device MP[1] 0.4 N/A 0 40% Dice count: 1, refers to magic power and deals additional damage of any attribute
  1. The MP consumption varies depending on the element of the cane and the hardness of the cane's material. (Details are under verification)

Modification tools

Shooting weapons have empty sockets, and you can increase the weapon's performance by attaching modification tools.

The number of free sockets varies depending on the quality of the weapon;1 for inferior weapons, 2 for high quality weapons, and 3 to 5 for miracle/sacred quality weapons.

The modification tools can be removed by using a barrel processing machine located in Mysilia or other locations. To use the barrel processing machine, you will need an item called Breaking powder, which can be obtained through crafting.

Type Enchantments granted effect Applied to
Sharpshooter It reduces distance penalties when shooting. Suppress attenuation due to distance correction (+10 attenuates 1/2, +20 attenuates 1/3) Bows, Guns
Ammo recovery It collects ammunition when firing. Avoid consuming ammunition when shooting by +value %? Bows, Guns
Knockback It knocks back the enemy it hits. Knock back target by +value %? Bows, Guns, Canes
Rapid fire It allows continuous shooting. 10% of the + value is added to the number of attacks (rounded down to the nearest whole number)

After the second shot, the damage will be attenuated

Bows, Guns
Fast Reload It reduces reload time for ammunition. Reduces reload time by 10% of + value, no reload when it becomes 0

+31 for handguns and assault rifles, +41 for railguns and no need to reload.

Bows, Guns
Extra magazine It increases the maximum ammunition load. Add half the + value to the maximum load capacity of the weapon Bows, Guns
Race Bane It exerts tremendous power against (race). Increases damage against corresponding race

Target races are humans, animals, machines, undead, dragons, gods, fairies, and fish.

Bows, Guns, Canes
Vopal It increases the chance of triggering a full piercing attack. Increases the activation chance of attacks with 100% penetration rate
Critical It increases the chance of critical hit. Increases chance of critical hit
Damage modifier None Increase weapon damage modifier by + value Bows, Guns, Canes
Hit modifier None Increase weapon accuracy modifier by + value Bows, Guns, Canes

*Damage multiplier attenuation after the second rapid fire shot

2nd shot: 0.76, 3rd shot: 0.62, 4th shot: 0.52, 5th shot: 0.45