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Status Ailments, Hexes, Blessings and other effects.

Ailments & Status
Status Effect Cause Cure Duration
Daily Life
Bloated Speed is lowered by 20% (Rounded up) Eating too much. Over Time
Filled Positive The player is satiated. Eating just the right amount.
Hungry Negative HP/MP Regen is disabled.
Very Hungry The player takes damage per turn.

HP/MP Regen is disabled.

Going without food. Eating
Starving The player takes significant damage per turn.

HP/MP Regen is disabled.

Sleepy Not Sleeping Sleeping
Very Sleepy
Tired SP is low
Burden Player is over weight capacity. 10% cut to Speed. Weightlifting can be trained. Over weight limit up to 19% Drop items
Burden! Player is very over weight capacity. 20% cut to Speed. Weightlifting can be trained Over weight limit by 20% to 49%
Overweight Player is extremely over weight capacity. Player has a chance to take damage per turn. Damage increases with each instance. Over weight limit by 50% to 74%
Squashed Player is being crushed under the weight of their baggage. Player takes heavy damage per turn. Player cannot move. If player dies to squishing, drops heavy item picked up. Severity of damage scales with weight held. Over weight limit by >75%
Poison Negative Damage over time, disables natural healing Poison damage, Poison Healing Sources Varies
Poison Bad >30 Turns of Poison
Bleeding Damage over time Cut damage Healing Sources Varies
Burning Damage over time Fire Damage Water, Wet status Varies
Wet Neutral Player is wet. Increased damage from Lightning. Reduced damage from Fire. Cannot receive 'Burning" status. Inventory immune to burning. Cold Damage, Water Over Time ~10 turns
Chills Negative Speed is lowered. Cold Damage Fire Damage
Frozen Speed is further lowered. Cold Damage with Chill
Paralysis Player cannot take actions. Chaos, Lighting Damage, Potion of Paralysis Over Time
Sleep Player is asleep. Chaos, Mind damage, Sleeping Pill


Taking physical damage
Dim Player cannot cast spells Chaos,Sound damage, Insanity
Confused Player has a chance to move in random direction. Chaos, Mind damage, Potion of Confusion
Blind Reduced physical accuracy, Reduced vision for player, cannot see enemies. Darkness damage, Potion of Blindness
Slow Lowers speed Spell Slow, Potion of Slow
Hexes, Blessings & Transmutations
Status Effect Cause Cure Duration
Euphoric Blessing +2 STR, MAG

+4 END +5 WIL

Headpat from Misaki Click off Indefinite
Putitification Transmutation Nullify Broomification


+5 Cha

+10 Acid Res

Potion of Putitification Click off 255 Turns
See Invisible Blessing Raises Spot Hidden Potion of Ultravision
Elemental Scar Hex -Fire Resistance

-Cold Resistance

-Lightning Resistance

Potion of Weaken Resistance
Weakness Hex Halves pv and dv. Spell Weakness, Potion of Weakness
Silence Hex Prevents spellcasting Spell Silence, Potion of Silence
Elemental Shield Blessing Nullify Elemental Scar

+Fire Resistance

+Cold Resistance

+Lightning Resistance

Holy Shield Spell, Potion of Resistance
Heroic Mood Blessing Nullify Fear

Nullify Confusion



Spell Hero, Potion of Hero
Cat's Eye Blessing Nullify Blind


Spell Cat's Eye, Potion of Infravision
Nature's Embrace Blessing Healing over time Spell Nature's Embrace, Potion of Troll Blood
Holy Veil Blessing Repels curses Spell Holy Light, Spell Vanquish Hex, Spell Holy Veil
Holy Shield Blessing +pv

Nullify Fear

Nullify Weakness

Spell Holy Shield
Divine Wisdom Blessing +Magic



Nullify Confusion

Spell Divine Wisdom