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Equipment in Elin has many attributes such as:

  • Material
  • Weight
  • DV
  • PV
  • Damage Die
  • Accuracy
  • Resistances
  • Enchantments

Equipment parts

Elin has 12 equipment parts for the most common humanoid type: head, neck, torso, back, hands x 2, fingers x 2, arm, waist, foot, and light source (player only).

In addition to these equipment parts, you can also keep ranged weapons such as bows, guns, and throwing weapons, and ammunition in your inventory and use them during battle.

However, these items are not treated as equipped, so even if they have enchantments related to defense such as elemental resistance, you will not receive any benefits from them.

Equipment type

Weapon equipment types are divided into three types: two-handed, dual-wielding, and shield-wielding.

If you have only one weapon equipped in your hand's equipment slot and nothing in your other hand, you can use both hands, and if you have two or more weapons equipped, you can use dual-wielding, or equip both a weapon and a shield. When you are using it, it becomes a shield holder.

Dual-wielding or state-wise, there will be a large penalty to the accuracy of each weapon, but this can be alleviated to some extent by training your dual-wielding skills.

Armor equipment types are divided into two types: light equipment and heavy equipment.

If the total weight of the equipment excluding light source equipment is less than 30.0s, it is considered light equipment, and if it is above that, it is considered heavy equipment.

Furthermore, the equipment weight seems to be calculated to the second decimal place, which is not displayed in the game, so if it is exactly 30.0s, it may be either light equipment or heavy equipment.

Equipment quality

In addition to randomly generated generic items, there are artifacts that have a number of enchantments based on rarity. These items will have a <Name>. You can also tell the rarity of equipment by looking at the background color of the item icon.

Normal: None (transparent)

High quality: light blue

miracle: yellow

Sacred Treasure: Red

Apart from these background colors, newly picked up items may also have a white background color, so please be careful not to confuse them.

Weakening and Strengthening

Using certain items on equipment or being attacked by enemies can add positive or negative correction values to the equipment.

Reading a scroll of Enchant Weapon/Armor or using a shrine of "Armor" will strengthen the equipment; Weapons will have an additional damage modifier, and armor will have an increased PV. The maximum enhancement value that can be granted depends on the type of scroll and shrine.

+1 +2 +3 +4 +5 +6
Enhance weapon/armor

Shrine of Armor (Grey)

× × × ×
Enhance weapon/armor(blessed) × × ×
Greater enhance weapon/armor

Shrine of Armor (Gold)

× ×
Greater enhance weapon/armor(blessed)

Conversely, equipment that is not resistant to acid will rust and weaken when exposed to acid attacks or acid traps. The damage modifier will be negatively affected for weapons, and the PV will decrease for armor.

You can prevent acid corrosion by mixing an acid-resistant coating solution with your equipment, and some equipment materials are inherently resistant to acid.

Rusted equipment can be restored to its initial condition by using a spinning wheel in Missilia or Willow. To use the spinning wheel, you need a polishing powder, which is made by mixing junk stone and sulfur in a millstone.


High quality equipment and artifacts may have the following enchantments added to them.

Enchantments may also be added to or removed from ranged weapons separately from these enchantments.

For more information about that, see the Modification Tools page.

Name Text Effect Applied to
Attribute It increases ~ by ##.

It decreases ~ by ##.

Applied to attribute, perfect evasion, physical damage reduction, elemental damage reduction, etc.

Some attribute are currently limited to artifacts.

Skill It strengthens your ability to ~.

It decreases ~.

Corrects skill level. Text varies by skill.
Critical It grants you ~ Resistance.

It decreases your ~ Resistance.

Applies a correction to damage taken to elemental damage.

The value can be checked from the "Resistance" tab on the character sheet.

Critical It increases your chance to deliver critical hits. It increases your chance to deliver critical hits.
Sustain attribute It sustains your ~. It prevents the wearer's attribute from being reduced by weakening attacks.
Immunity to abnormalities It negates the effect of ~. Negatess state abnormalities.
Immunity to pickpockets It protects you from thieves. Disable enemy theft? Enemy theft attacks are currently not implemented.

Items can still be stolen from NPCs equipped with this enchantment.

Anti-Teleport It prevents teleport. Disables teleportation due to traps, failed deciphering of magic books, etc.
Levitation It makes you float. Makes the wearer levitate and treats them as if they were in a high place. Avoids traps and puddles underfoot.
Resist Mutation It protects you from mutation. Resists mutation. It does not completely prevent it.
Protection from weather It negates the effect of being stranded by bad weather. Disables confusion caused by thunderstorms and random slowdowns caused by snow.
See invisible It lets you see invisible objects. Makes invisible NPCs visible.
Increase travel speed It speeds your travel progress. Reduces travel time on the World map.
Iron stomach It lets you digest rotten things. No penalty for eating rotten food or food with [Tainted] trait.
Defect Faith It reveals the faith of others. When you mouse over an NPC, you can see the faith of the target.
prevent decapitation It protects your neck. Disables neckhunting by weapons and some NPC abilities. Head, neck
Enhance spell It enhances your spells. Increase the power of magic.
Mana management It reduces your mana consumption. Decreases mana consumption when chanting magic.
Force Weapon It is wielded by the power of the Force. Enchanted weapons become Force weapons. Attacks will now refer to magic's main attribute and magic device and chanting skills. Melee weapon
Elemental damage It deals additional ~ damage. Additional elemental damage. Melee weapon

Ranged weapon

Race Bane It inflicts massive damage to ~. Target races are human, animal, machine, undead, dragon, god, fairy, or fish. Some artifacts are limited to artifacts, but some work on all races. Melee weapon

Ranged weapon

Spell It triggers "~". When an attack hits, the added ability is triggered. It is not activated if the attacker is killed by the damage of the hit. Melee weapon
Mana absorb It absorbs mana. Absorbs mana according to the damage inflicted.
Stamina absorb It absorbs stamina. Absorbsstamina according to the damage inflicted.
Elemental conversion It is electrified.(Lightning) Permanently grante lemental attacks to weapons.

Elemental weapons do not benefit from song buffs and do not consume song buff uses when attacking.

Drill It drills through the target when hit. Allows weapons to attack all enemies in their path, piercing through them.

Drill distance depends on the enchantment's strength.


For randomly generated melee and ranged weapons, see the Weapons page.


See the Armors page for randomly generated shields, armor, and light sources.

Precious Items

There are also static artifacts known as Precious Items, which are powerful and have sometimes unique abilities.