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Resources are one of the categories of items in Elin and are used as materials for crafting.

Resources can be obtained from the Wilderness and Nefia, or by further processing them in production facilities. Resources can also be recovered by dismantling items with a hammer.

List by Item


Resource Where to collect Other sources
Tuft of grass Weed, Flower, Forest Nefia
Leaf Weed, Flower, Water lily Flowers to be dismantled with a hammer
Big Leaf Palulu tree
Vine Vine, wall vine, Seaweed
Branch Tree(seedlings to young)
Log Tree(young to withered), wreck(lumber)
Resin Tree(young to withered)
Bark Tree(young to withered)
Bone needle Cactus
Body parts(Other than bone) Drops from animals and monsters,or dissecting corpses with dismemberment tools
Bone Bones, remains, wreck (urn), fish
Stone Stone, wreck(stone), stone wall, huge rock
Ore Large rocks, veins Metal and mechanical monsters drop
Gem veins, wreck(treasure chest)
Gem ore Gemstones Equipment made of gemstone materials, dismantled with a hammer
Sulfur Sulfur rock
Earth crystal Block in Nefia (rare)
Sun crystal Block in Nefia (rare)
Fiber Spider's web, wreckage (cloth) Process leather with dismantling tools, dismantle garbage bags with a hammer
Soil Soil wall, floor of a field
Ice Ice wall in snowfields
Sand Sand wall, sand floor
Fragment coral, shell, Flagments Bake sand in a furnace
scrap wreck(scrap), Debris, walls and floors of Fort Nefia Empty cans to be dismantled with a hammer
Battery wreck(scrap) mechanical monsters drop
Microchip wreck(scrap) mechanical monsters drop
Queen bee Very rare bee drop

Resources obtained by processing

These are resources obtained by further processing the resources. For detailed recipes, please refer to the Creating page.

Resource Tool Material
String Workbench vine x2
Tight Rope Workbench String + Big Leaf
Nail Tinker's Table Bone/scrap/Ingot
Stick Sawmill Branch
Plank Sawmill Log
Cut Stone Stonecutter Stone
Bolt Blacksmith's desk Scrap/Ingot
IC chip Machine Table Microchip x3 + Gem
Ingot Smelter Ore/Gem/Gem Ore
Thread Spinner Fiber
cloth loom Fiber x2
Carbone Log Kiln Log
Glass Kiln Fragment
Clay Millstone Soil/Sand + Drug or Drink
Brick Kiln Clay
Empty potion bottle Millstone Potion + Leaf/Flower
Dye Dye maker Empty potion bottle + any item

List by Means of Acquisition

Object Tool Harvest Location Crafting Skill
Tree (Sapling) Axe Branch Field Lumberjacking
Tree (Young) Bark, Resin, Log Field
Tree (Mature) Bark, Resin, Log Field
Tree (Withered) Bark, Resin, Log, Seed Field
Palulu Tree Big Leaf, (and resources from trees) Beach
Palulu Tree (Harvestable) Palulu, Big Leaf(and resources from trees) Beach
Fruit Tree (Harvestable) Apple (and resources from trees) Forest
Bamboo Bamboo Shoot, Log, Seed Field, Nefu Village
Vine Plant Vine Field Gathering
Cactus Cactus, Bone Needle, Seed Beach
Weed Grass, Leaf, Seed Field
Bird's Nest Eggs, Fertilized Eggs, Straw Forest, Tinker's Camp
Flower (Color) Flower, Leaf, Seed Field
Berry Bush Forest Grass, Branch Field
Berry Bush (Harvestable) Berry, Seed Field
Crim Bush Forest Grass, Branch Field
Crim Bush (Harvestable) Crim, Seed Field
Api Bush Forest Grass, Branch Field
Api Bush (Harvestable) Api, Seed Field
Mushroom Red, White, Truffle, Rare Mushrooms, Seed Field, Cave and Forest Nefia
Coral Coral Fragment Beach
Seaweed Seaweed Beach, Port Kapul, Lumiest
Bone Bone Field, Beach Mountain
Wreck(urn) Bone Nefia
Wreck(lumber) Log Nefia
Wreck(Rock) Stone Nefia
Wreck (Fabric) Scrap Nefia
Wreck (Gemstone) Gem, Ore, Scrap Nefia
Wreck (Electronic) Scrap, Microchip, Battery Nefia
Cobweb piece of silk Nefia, Olvina
Moss grass Tuft of grass Nefia
Wall vine vine Nefia
Stump log Forest Nefia
Debris scrap Fort Nefia
Flagments quartz sand flagment Fort Nefia
Chemials dirty water Fort Nefia
Water lily leaf Mysillia
Fish raw bone Mysillia, Port Kapul
Dirt floor Shovel Dirt Any Digging
Grass floor tuft of grass Any
Sand floor Sand Beach
Ice floor Stone (Ice) Snowy areas
Conveyor belt chrome scrap Fort Nefia
Rail pine log Vernis mine
White line White sand Litte garden
Blocks in Outdoor (Resources that make up the block),Pebble, Gold Bar (Rare) Outdoor Mining
Blocks in Nefia (Resources that make up the block), Pebble, Earth Crystal (Rare), Sun crystal(Rare), Gold Bar (Rare) Nefia
Soil Block Pickaxe Soil, Pebble, Stone, Earth Crystal (Rare), Sun crystal(Rare), Gold Bar (Rare) Field, Nefia
Soil Block (Vein) Soil, Gem Field, Nefia
Sand Block Sand Bach
Sand Block (Vein) Sand, Ore, Gem Bach
Wall (Stone) Rock, Junk Stone, Pebble, Earth Crystal (Rare), Sun crystal(Rare) Tower Nefia, Void
Wall (Wood) Planks Haunted Mansion, Towns
Ice Block Chunk of ice Snowy areas
Grass bolock Forest grass Forest Nefia
Stone (Small) Stone Field
Stone (Big) Stone Field
A Big Rock Ore Field
Huge rock stone Mountain
Rock salt salt, limestone Beach, sea
Sulphur Rock Sulphur Mountain
Crystal flagment Mountain
Stalagmite stone, Pebble Nefia
Wall frame Cupper scrap Fort Nefia
Wooden wall frame Pickaxe


Oak log Vernis mine
Gem Equipment Hammer Gem Ore None
Trash & Junk Pieces, Ingots, Stone, Log, Texture, Scrap
Furniture Ingots, Planks
Fertilizer Corpse
Flower Leaf
Log Branch
Corpse Butcher's Tool Skin, Bone, Fang, Offal, Heart, Bone


Type Location
Acacia Tree Forests
Mushroom Tree Swamps
Oak Tree Fields
Willow Tree Willow
Cherryblossom Tree Near Olvina, Olvina
Mahogany Tree Mountains
Fir Tree Snow Areas
Cedar Tree Forests
Fruit Tree (Poplar) Forests
Fossilized Tree Nymelle bottom floor, Mysilia Castle Garden, Mage's Guild, The place where winds rest
Blue Flower Cold Locations, Forests
Pink Flower Swamps
White Flower Most Fields
Yellow Flower Most Fields
Rafflesia Nymelle bottom floor