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Quick Reference Table
Icon Trait Effect Skills Weapons Domain Damage Boosted
Strength Melee Damage, Maximum HP, Weight Carried Mining, Digging, Weightlifting, Carpentry, Blacksmith, Two Handed, Martial Art, Long Sword, Axe, Scythe Cut
Endurance Maximum HP, Weight Carried Lumberjacking, Farming, Regeneration, Heavy Armor, Shield, Staff, Polearm, Mace Nether
Dexterity Melee Attacks, Ranged Attacks, Defense Lockpicking, Pickpocket, Disarm Trap, Jewelry, Weaving, Crafting, Throwing, Light Armor, Dual Wield Bow, Shortsword Poison
Perception Melee Attacks,

Ranged Attacks, Accuracy

Stealth, Spot Hidden, Tactics, Marksman, Eye of Mind, Evasion, Greater Evasion, Gun, Crossbow Sound
Learning Maximum MP Gathering, Literacy, appraising, Anatomy, Memorization, Alchemy, Cooking, Nerve
Willpower MP, HP Riding, Travel, Fishing, Meditation, Faith Holy
Magic MP Control Magic, Magic Capacity, Casting, Magic Device, Fire, Ice, Lighting, Magic, Darkness, Acid, Chaos, Ether
Charisma Ally Cap, Recruitment, Investing, Trade goods Symbiosis, Music, Investing, Negotiation Mind
Life HP
Mana MP
Vigor Stamina
Luck Chance to improve everything you do.

Main Attributes


Strength determines the player's carry weight, physical attack and health pool. The related domain is Cut


Endurance determines the player's carry weight, and health pool. The related domain is Nether.


Dexterity determines the player's ranged attack and accuracy. The related domain is Poison


Perception determines the player's accuracy and chance of both making and dodging critical hits. The related domain is Sound


Learning determines mana pool. The related domain is Nerve


Will determines the player's health and mana pools. The related domain is Holy.


Magic determines the player's mana pool. The related domains are Fire, Ice, Lightning, Magic, Darkness, Acid, Chaos and Ether


Charisma determines the amount of companions the player can have before receiving a penalty. The player gains one extra companion slot per 10 Charisma, capping at 5 allies before feats.

Charisma is also used to determine ability to recruit NPCs to My Home. The player's charisma must be higher than the target's highest main attribute to successfully recruit them.

The related domain is Mind.

Status Attributes

Status attributes have a strong bearing on the related stats, and contribute heavily to formulae involving them. These are very hard to raise compared to main attributes.


Life heavily determines the player's health pool.


Mana heavily determines the player's mana pool.


Vigor heavily determines the player's stamina pool.


Speed is a measure of how fast the player is in relation to other enemies. This can determine how many turns the player takes per global turn, allowing fast players to take several turns before other npcs or creatures, and vice versa.


Luck has a chance to improve everything the player does. Each point of luck is a % chance that the player will reroll when attempting anything in game, and they will take the better result.

The default luck is universally 0, before feats and equipment.

Each 100 points of luck adds another chance to reroll- at 100 luck, the player would always roll twice, and at 200, three times.