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Mutations can be acquired from drinking from wells, or from potions of mutation.

Mutations are on a positive/negative scale, where one mutation has multiple steps in either direction.

Some mutations have both positive and negative effects, such as gaining one resistance in exchange for losing another.

If the player has a mutation that is two steps positive on the scale, then acquires the negative equivalent, the player will then be at one step positive, rather than one step negative.

(under verification) In Elin, once the direction of mutation is determined, even if you mutate in a direction that cancels it, the message “You did not accept the mutation.” is displayed, and you can only mutate in the direction that deepens the symptoms. and it will only mutate in the direction that deepens the symptoms. If you want to change the direction of the mutation, you need to use a mutation cure potion to completely erase the mutation once and then aim for the same mutation to mutate in the direction you want.

Pets and NPCs can also acquire mutations in Elin. They do not drink well water on their own, but if they are given a potion of mutation, they will gain mutation just like the player.

Mutation List

Status direction Name Flavor Effect
PV + Iron Skin Your skin is as hard as iron. +3 PV +6 PV +9 PV
- Albino Your skin is crumbling. -3 PV -6 PV -9 PV
STR + Strong arm Your arm is a mass of muscle +3 STR +6 STR +9 STR
- Weak arm Your arm has no muscle. -3 STR -6 STR -9 STR
DEX + Flexible joints Your joints are surprisingly supple +3 DEX +6 DEX +9 DEX
- Creaky joints You have terrible joint pain -3 DEX -6 DEX -9 DEX
PER + Hawk Eye You have the eyes of a cat +5 PER +10 PER -
- Color weakness You are blind in one eye -5 PER -10 PER -
CHA + Beautiful Voice Your voice captivates all +5 CHA +10 CHA -
- Dead voice When you speak, everyone runs away -5 CHA -10 CHA -
SPD + Lithe Leg Your legs have an ideal shape +5 SPD +10 SPD +15 SPD
- Twisted legs Your legs are broken -5 SPD -10 SPD -15 SPD
Memorization + The computer in your brain Your brain is a perfect machine +4 Memorization +8 Memorization -
- Dementia You are demented -4 Memorization -8 Memorization -
Regeneration + Troll's blood Your wounds heal in the blink of an eye +4 Regeneration +8 Regeneration -
- Anemia Your face has no blood at all -4 Regeneration -8 Regeneration -
Cold/Fire resistance Cold resistance Cold Your skin is frosty +5 Cold resistance

-5 Fire resistance

- -
Fire resistance Hot Your blood is boiling +5 Fire resistance

-5 Cold resistance

Lightning resistance + Non-conductor You are a non-conductor +5 Lightning resistance -
- Conductor Your body is a good conductor of electricity -5 Lightning resistance -
Holly/Nether resistance Holy resistance Purified body Your body is purified +5 Holly resistance

-5 Nether resistance

Nether resistance Unholy body Your body is unholy +5 Nether resistance

-5 Holly resistance