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Small medals are precious items that can be exchanged for artifacts and other useful items at Miral and Garokk's Workshop.

How to obtain medals other than static maps

Small medals can be found inside chests in field maps or in Nefia. Chests in cities can be pickpocketed for a chance at finding a small medal. You can also obtain it by fishing or defeating Silver Bells.

List of medals on fixed maps

Searching the ground will tell you something sparkles if a small medal is nearby. Stepping on a tile with an invisible small medal will display the *twinkle* message.

Town Location
Port Kapul Fighter's Guild, Prison, Left Cell
Fighter's Guild, Graveyard, in front of right headstone
B1F (enter from the south bank), north corner of the basement
NE, Inn Bathroom, corner of pool.
NW, Lighthouse, on balcony.
NE, Prostitution Den, left bedroom.
W, Under bridge by harbor. Enter water from the pub.
W, on the ship with the Jure statue
Beach W, On top of small sand mound
West, directly below the bowl floating in the sea
The Cursed Manor NW, Under willow tree, behind mansion.
SE, in pond
Derpy Thieves Guild, Vault, between statues of cats.
Thieves Guild, In front of vending machine
Thieves Guild, after removing the casino table
Thieves Guild, next to the sewer stairs
East, stable, corner of left room
SE, private room in the brothel, on the king's bed on the south side
SE, house with block workshop, etc., on a rough bed
Center, between the two gallows
West, inside the lion's cage
West, outside the wall, near the upper left of the tree where the corpses are gathered
Tinker's Camp NW, Under tree on hill
Central, inside a small farm
E, By Campfire
Little Garden Center, behind the pedestal with the plastic model on it
East, right corner of the park
Olvina NE, Brewery, near mixer.
NW, Flower Garden
SW, Cherry blossom picnic area.
W, Hot Spring, In moon's reflection
Asylum northwest, in the field
East, classroom, with the teacher's table removed
Mysilia NW, Trees behind training ground
Palace, Fountain Garden, Cut south tree
Palace, alley behind arboreum
Palace, Lower bedroom, under bed
NE, Atrium, south-center flower bush.
NE, in the river below the palace
S, TV house, corner
SE, Farm House
SW, Crypt
Merchant guild North, under the cart outside the building
Northwest, between the bar shelves
SE, Between the trees in the courtyard
Willow NE, On Hill, under willow tree.
SW, Corner of mansion, outside.
Cetrus's Room, Near bed
Hill Cave Northwest, between the straw mountains
Vernis top of the hill
Aquli Teola North room, right corner
East room, under the modern mini table
Upper right corner of server room, server room
West, on the glass floor outdoors
Yowyn West, middle field
West house, next to the bunk bed
Southwest, in the middle of a small pond
South, lower corner of the ranch
SE, near the grave
East, in the wheat field on the left
North, tool shop, next to scrap wood in the courtyard
B1F, northernmost sand bed
Palmia Royal Palace, next to Xabi's bed
Inside the pond on the north side of the royal palace entrance
Northeast, near the bottom right of the main street
Central square, right side of fountain
South, alley to the left of the magic store
Southwest, Palmia Public Security Bureau triangular horse
In the back of the vault connected to the southwestern castle wall (need to dig into the wall)
Fortune Bell 1F north, left of rope pillar
1F East, above panties
1F south, under the teleporter
2F sports area, next to the brewing barrel in the left corner
2F playing card area, right below the central chandelier
2F slot area, north corner of the room
2F accommodation area SE, corner of plastic model room
2F staff room, under the bed on the left side
2F Snail Torture Club, North corner of the room
The Embassy In the pond to the right of the entrance
Northeast, behind the embassy
Truce Ground South, in front of the generator outside
East, below the altar of Luck
north, corner of the waterway
Specwing 1F, NE, Near well
1F, inside the tree, to the left of the fireplace
2F, NW, Corner of souvenir shop
3F, In front of anchor
3F, outer princess doll (needs to teleport or break the floor)
Nefu Village South, bamboo thicket, map boundary
South, in the middle of the bamboo thicket
East, inside the mansion, behind the impulse
North, next to the waterfall
North, behind the cliff-top seat
The Graveyard Center of graveyard.
under the bed in the hut
Lumiest Magician's Guild, entrance waterway, 2 squares next to the leftmost crystal
Mage Guild, Greenhouse, Above Rafflesia
Magician's Guild, behind the hidden door, next to the trash can on the north side
North, underwater on the southeast side of the Mage Guild building.
North, on a small boat parked at the Mages Guild.
Southwest, middle room of the inn, on the bed
South, surrounded underwater to the southwest of the bar, next to the streetlight (need to dig and destroy the pier)
SE, on a small boat with a radio and cassette player
East, underwater, next to the Lulwy statue east of the fish shop
Northeast, underwater, under a small island with only 4 squares (teleport required)
Lumiest Crater None
Mifu Village Northeast, 3 spaces southeast of the forced labor machine
N, In river
North, near the cliff southwest of the Altar of Trickey
Northwest, at the end of a narrow path between rice fields
South, behind the house, next to the broom
The Place Where Winds Rest On the west side of the large fossil tree, in the middle of the area where 4 to 5 wind sword mounds are gathered.
Miral and Garokk's Workshop NE, In Bed
NE, In other bed
W, In storehouse
Noyel W, Garden
E, Church, on dias
East, inside the frozen pond
Center, 4 squares west of Waystone
South, teddy bear in the bar
Permafrost None
The Mansion of Younger Sister West, to the upper left of the three fir trees
North, bedroom, between the rocking horse and the stuffed animal
Laboratory, in front of the map shelf on the right
Seeker's Keep 1F, Hallway dead end, behind storage, near entry.
1F, outside, in the frozen sea at the north end of the map
2F, recess in the castle wall at the north end
2F, SE,Hollow in the castle wall near the door on
2F, recess in the castle wall directly in front of the southwest door
Test Zone None
Arena None