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This furniture is available for housing in My Home.

Unlike equipment, it cannot be used specifically, with some exceptions.

It has the effect of increasing tourism resource values and accommodation fees.

By using the furniture gacha and potted plant gacha, you can obtain furniture/potted plants made of materials that do not normally exist.

Prefixes and Quality

Furniture may be given a prefix such as "stupid-" or "royal-".

This is separate from the "quality" parameter, which can be found in the item's detailed information section, and has the effect of applying a certain multiplier correction to the price of the furniture.

Furniture installed in town will be given a random prefix regardless of quality, while furniture crafted by the player will be more likely to be given a more effective prefix the higher the quality of the finished product.

  • List of prefix (Detailed price multipliers are under verification.)
    World's best / divine / artistic / royal / awesomely gorgeous / precious / maniacal / madam-favorite / nice / curious / shabby / silly


Please see Facilities page.


Please see Containers page.


Beds can also be used by players. Please refer to Beds for more information about their performance as bedding.

Middle-click to set beds for residents/guests/convicts (not implemented yet).

When a bed set for guest beds is used, some amount of Oren will be paid as accommodation fee.

Accommodation fees and residents' work bonuses only increase with the "quality" value of the bed, not the type.

(e.g. a modern bed of quality 60 < a poor bed of quality 120)

(*This may have changed with the 22.40nightly update, verification required)

High quality beds can be crafted by using breed-improved cotton for the fabric, or by using ingots or precious stones of rare materials of high quality.

Name Crafter Materials Basic material Basic selling price Materials at dismantling Fixed availability Remarks
Makeshift bed grass
Poor bed Carpenter's table 厚板4+繊維2 Yowyn etc.
Bunk bed (single) Blacksmith's table スクラップ4+繊維2
Bunk bed Blacksmith's table スクラップ6+繊維4 Lighter than a single bunk bed.
Modern bed Blacksmith's table Ingot4+生地4+集積回路1 Aquli Teola etc. It is very expensive to make.
Bed Carpenter's table 厚板2+染料1+生地4 Very easy to make if you can grow high quality cotton.
Prince's bed Carpenter's table Ingot10+生地12+貴石8+王冠1 Less demanding than King's bed, but also less valuable.
King's bed Carpenter's table 16 ingots + 20 texture + 12 gems + 2 crowns + 1 A last remaining flicker of nobility shining brightly in this chaotic world Currently, it is considered to have the highest base value of all furniture.

It uses many rare craft materials.


Name 分類 Crafter Materials Basic material Basic selling price Materials at dismantling Passing through Blocking the view? Fixed availability Remarks
Chair 椅子 Carpenter's table 厚板2+釘1 木材 厚板
Mushroom chair 椅子 Carpenter's table
sake offering Carpenter's table 生地4+頑丈なロープ2+飲料2 Nefu Village It is quite tall but movable.
mirror stand 家具 Glassmaker's table 厚板4+ガラス6+椅子1 Some are cracked and some are clean.

The player's appearance can be changed later with a middle click.

Toilet 家具 Blacksmith's table Ingot6+集積回路1+飲料2 Hygiene value increases, but not implemented.
hitching post 屋外用品 Carpenter's table 丸太4+頑丈なロープ2+釘1 木材 丸太 (Can be automatically dismounted. : to be verified)
fireplace 制作設備 Mason's table 切り石10+レンガ6+Ingot4 切り石 Can be used as cooking equipment or lighting equivalent to a fire.
showcase 装飾 Glassmaker's table ガラス4 Two types: large and small. They are installed in such a way that they cover the object placed below.
Large showcase 装飾 Glassmaker's table ガラス10 It is placed so that it covers the object placed below.
Trash can コンテナ Carpenter's table 厚板1+紐1+釘1 木材 When you throw the item away, you get ecopo.
Bookrests 家具 オーク 不可
Counters 家具 ヨウィンなど
Box コンテナ
Jar 装飾 グラナイト ヨウィンなど An object generated around an altar in Nefia.
Meat bag 装飾 生もの ダルフィなど It can be eaten.
Sorcerer's statue 装飾
Festival banner 屋外用品 ルビナス 染料 It shakes.
Signboard 屋外用品 オーク You can choose a pattern by middle-clicking.


Fuel consumption specifications are not implemented, but will light up when wood is added.

Those that use electricity consume the amount of electricity in the base.

Soliciting festival lamp merchants to your base will make it easier to purchase lights.

Name Classification Power consumption Crafter Materials Basic material Basic selling price Materials at dismantling Brightness range Fixed availability Remarks
bonfire 製作設備 Quick craft 丸太1+レジン1 木材 Meadow, etc. Grill type cookware. Can also be used as a light source.

It is a gathering point for Fiama and Ashland before the residents join.

Table lamp 照明 Machine table Ingot1+Microchip1 トパーズ There are several types. Uses a microchip, but does not consume power.
Solar table lamp 照明 Machine table 草10+貴石1+太陽の結晶1 Requires mining rare drop, but crafting cost is low because it does not use microchips.
Pendant light 照明(吊り下げ) 10W Machine table Ingot2+Microchip1 金属
Crystal light 照明(マウント) 10W Machine table 貴石1+Microchip1 貴石 Gem Very wide light source range. The color of the light emitted changes depending on the material.
Wall light 照明(マウント) 10W Ingot Fortress Nefia It is easy to earn plastic ingots as they are produced in Nefia, a fortress.


These use electricity, but have no applications at this time except for a few.

Name 分類 電力消費 Crafter Materials Basic material Basic selling price Materials at dismantling Fixed availability Remarks
electric fan Mech 10W Machine table Ingot3+Microchip1 金属 Ingot It seems to be sending wind, and it moves, albeit unobtrusively.
boom box Mech 10W Machine table Ingot3+Microchip2+棒2 金属 BGM can be played as SE. Sound quality is very retro.
Heaters Mech 10W Machine table Ingot5+ボルト4 金属 Fortune Bell2F The casino is generated by a rubinous product.
Heaters Mech 10W Machine table Ingot12+ボルト8 金属 Perhaps a boiler?
Incinerators Mech 100W Machine table Ingot22+ボルト8+炭の丸太12 It requires a tremendous amount of power.
Junk Gacha Mech 10W コバルト You can use exotic copper coins to make a gacha.
Potted plant Gacha Mech 10W You can use exotic silver coins to play the gacha.
Furniture Gacha Mech 10W ルビナス You can use exotic gold coins to play the gacha.


These are items that can be mounted on the wall, excluding lighting.

Name Crafter Materials Basic material Basic selling price Materials at dismantling Fixed availability Remarks
sticker Writing tool 生地1 There are multiple types. Quality raises tourism value.
Palmia Times Writing tool 生地1 Palmia etc. Use to read. Turn on the network function and read it!
air vents Carpenter's table 厚板4+釘2 木材
Painting "Queen Sedona Mysilia etc. A painting of a certain ship.
Painting "Slovenly Laneile A nude painting of a certain Elea woman.
Mushrooms グラナイト
Telephone グラナイト Palmia etc. It's ringing sometimes.


Has the effect of creating visibility on the wall.

It has a light source effect during the day and night with some exceptions.

Name Crafter Materials Basic material Basic selling price Remarks
Small window Carpenter's table 厚板3 It is possible to make windows without glass.
Small window Glassmaker's table 厚板1+ガラス1
Stained-glass window Glassmaker's table 厚板1+ガラス6
Stained-glass window Glassmaker's table 厚板2+ガラス8