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Currency is one of the distribution of items in Elin, and is used for transactions with vendors. There are various currencies other than Oren, which is the money of North Tyris.

Currency Use How to obtain
Oren Most stores Requests, Treasure chests, selling items, etc.
Gold bar Expand My Home, strengthen your home skills, purchase related items, etc. Tax payments, shipping items, rarely found when digging walls, Treasure chests
Platinum coin Skill acquisition/training Requests, Fishing, Treasure chests
Small Medal Miral and Garokk's Workshop Static maps, Treasure chests, Fishing
Strange gold coin Furniture gacha Requests, Fishing
Strange silver coin Potted plant gacha Requests, Fishing
Strange copper coin Junk gacha Requests, Fishing
Casino chip Fortune Bell Casino, Fishing
Furniture ticket You can collect furniture in towns by holding it in your hand and using it. Requests, Secretary
Eco point ecopo merchant Trash can
Void Exploration License If you have it, you'll be able to enter the Void. Buy from a scrivener