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Farming on your own land will ensure a steady supply of delicious food and resources needed for craft.

List of Crops

See Food and Food/Stats for the traits of each crop.

Edible crops
Classification Crop Maximum yield Fertility By-products Seed availability Remarks
Unprocessed Food Rice 1 3 Straw, leaves Merchants in Mifu Village Hydroponics is possible
Unprocessed Food Wheat 1 3 Straw, leaves yowyn (with karma reduction) Hydroponics is possible
Mushroom Mushroom 1 2 Red Mushroom, White Mushroom, Truffle and Rare Mushroom Complete the quest "Preparing for Pioneering"., Field map(forest) Can be grown indoors

Mushrooms can be used as a vegetable for cooking, but cannot be used as an offering for Kumiromi

Vegetable Carrot 3 3 Merchants in Mifu Village
Vegetable Imo 3 3 Merchants in Mifu Village
Vegetable Cabbage 3 4 Merchants in Mifu Village
Vegetable Radish 2 4 yowyn (with karma reduction)
Vegetable Tomato 4 3 Complete the quest "Preparing for Pioneering", Asylum, yowyn (with karma reduction)
Vegetable Corn 3 4 Merchants in Mifu Village
Vegetable Bamboo shoot 1 1 Bamboo logs, etc. Nefu Village Seeds cannot be taken from bamboo shoots

if harvested too late, they turn into bamboo

Fruits Apple 3 3 Poplar logs, etc. Palmia, Aquli Teola, Field map(forest)
Fruits Blueberry 3 1 Meadow, Field map(plain)
Fruits Palulu 1 2 Large leaves, palulu logs, etc. Port Kapul, Field map(beach)
Fruits Cactus 2 3 Bone needles Field map(beach)
Fruits Grape 1 5 Olvina(with karma reduction)
Fruits Rainbow Fruit 1 8 Cute fairy
Nuts Crim 3 2 Meadow, Field map(plain)
Nuts Api 3 2 Field map(plain)
Classification Seed Crop Fertility Seed availability Remarks
Resource Oak Oak 0.5 Meadow, Field map(plain)
Resource Pine Pine 0.5 Mifu Village, Field map(Mountain)
Resource Acacia Acacia 0.5 Nefu Village, Field map(snow field)
Resource Fir Fir 0.5 Noyel, Field map(snow field)
Resource Cedar Cedar 0.5 Meadow, Field map(plain)
Resource Birch Birch 0.5 Meadow, Mifu Village, The Graveyard, Field map(plain)
Resource Mahogany Mahogany 0.5 Field map(Mountain)
Resource Willow Willow 0.5 Willow, The Graveyard, Field map(Willow and cherry forest)
Resource Rosewood Rosewood 0.5 Meadow, Field map(plain)
Resource Cherry Cherry 0.5 Field map(Willow and cherry forest)
Resource Green mushroom tree Green mushroom tree 0.5 Field map(forest)
Resource Purple Mushroom Tree Oak 0.5 Aquli Teola, Field map(forest)
Resource Blue Mushroom Tree Acacia 0.5 ecopo merchant
Resource Christmas tree Fir 0.5 Aquli Teola
Resource Weeds Grass, Leaves 1 Meadow, Field map(plain)
Resource Cattail Grass, Leaves 1 Mifu Village, Nefu Village
Resource Pasture grass Pasture grass 0.5 Complete the quest "Preparing for Pioneering"., Field map(plain)
Resource Silver grass Pasture grass 0.5 Field map(plain)
Fiber Cotton Cotton 2 Merchant's Guild(with karma reduction) Maximum yield:3
Flower White flower White flower 1 Meadow, Field map(plain) Maximum yield:1
Flower Yellow flower Yellow flower 1 Meadow, Field map(plain) Maximum yield:1
Flower Blue flower Blue flower 1 Field map(forest, snow field) Maximum yield:1
Flower Flower Flower(pink) 1 Field map(forest) Maximum yield:1

Farming Process

Seeds are obtained from

Seeds can be obtained by harvesting crops with a sickle or by cutting down dead trees, or they can be purchased from merchants in Mifu Village or from Ecopo merchants in Yowin. Seeds can also be obtained randomly from Kumiromi of Harvest and its apostle Cute fairy's abilities.


The first thing to do in order to farm, is to weed!

Land has a value called fertility, which affects the number of crops that can be grown on the land. A negative fertility value, which can be seen on the My Home bulletin board, indicates that the land is too thin to be farmed properly. You can restore the fertility of the land by collecting excess plants and flowers growing on the land. Residents who have farming or tinkering with the soil as a job or hobby will increase the fertility of the land.


Seeds can be sown on ordinary ground and still grow, but it is more efficient to grow them in a field.

A field can be created by stripping the grassy area with a shovel and tilling the soil with a chisel. If you have even turned an extra square into a field, you can override the field by installing an appropriate bed.

Rice and wheat are also crops that can be grown hydroponically, meaning that seeds can be sown near a body of water and still grow like a field. Riparian areas can be increased with thirst pots or water beds.

Field Environments

Crops other than mushrooms will not grow well indoors without sunlight. If you want to fence or wall off the field, use room plates/room boards to set up the room as a stairwell to allow sunlight to enter.

Also, crops will not grow well in winter. You can set the field or paddy field to a snow removal cell from the building board so you can grow crops regardless of the season.


After planting seeds in a field or paddy field, crops can be harvested after a while. Crops will grow faster if they are watered with a watering can and if it rains. As for wheat and rice, planting them in the paddy field will save you the trouble of watering them.

Fertilizer can be obtained by putting fresh produce in a fertilizer box and letting it rot. Place the fertilizer on the crop and wait a few hours, and the crop will grow one level.

By the way, you can get a growth retardant by mixing fertilizer and burnable or non-burnable trash in a stone jar. If you don't want to kill an ornamental tree or other plant, you can use a growth retardant to stop its growth.


Once your crop has grown to harvest time, it is time to harvest. Don't forget to use a sickle to secure the seeds for the next growing season. After harvesting, the plants will not bear fruit again, so clear away any remaining grass and sow new seeds.


When you harvest crops in the field with a sickle, the seeds may be breeded to increase their + value.

The + value of the seed improves the quality of the crop, increases the number of materials obtained if it is a tree, and in the case of an edible crop, randomly grants one type of dietary trait. Note that the only dietary characteristics that can be given to seeds through breeding are those related to potential and [collagen-rich] (increased charisma experience). The nutritional value of the given food trait will be enhanced by breeding. In addition, the quality of beehives produced by beekeeping boxes on the same map will increase with the level of flowers planted.

The probability of a seed being enhanced increases if fertilizer is used, if the player has faith in the harvest Kumiromi, or if the player's farming skills are much higher than the level of the seed. Note that the maximum level of seeds that can be improved depends on the player's farming skill.

Automatic Farming

As the level of Hearth stone increases, the "Leave it to Farming" policy becomes available. This policy will automatically grow, harvest, and breed the crops planted on the land.

The area to be farmed can be specified by a sign or scarecrow in the field.