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As you increase your affinity and become friends with NPCs, you will be able to invite them to your home. As of the Beta version, you cannot marry pets or NPCs even if you increase their affinity.

Affinity level

Affinity remarks
Foe ~ -50
Hate ~ -30
Annoying ~ -11
Normal -10~24
Approved 25~
Friendly 50~
Respected 75~ You can invite people to your home
Intimate 100~
Fond 150~

Increase/decrease in Affinity

  • Currently under verification. The values ​​below are approximate.

An action that randomly increases or decreases affinity

  • Chat by saying "Let's talk." (-4 to +4)
  • Do what feels good (-5~ +5)

Actions that increase affinity

  • A pet defeats an enemy (+1)
  • Use Horome faith ability “Head pat” (+1~3)
  • Give target's favorite item (+1~3)
  • Give target's favorite dish (+20)
  • Feed them food mixed with aphrodisiac/dream larva (+25)
  • Give the naughty book to the subject (+40?)
  • Hand over the engagement ring or necklace. (Around +70? The higher the affinity, the less the increase)

Actions that reduce affinity

  • Pets die (-10)
  • Give the aphrodisiac/dream larva directly to the opponent (-20)
  • Trying to take away the engagement ring or necklace. (-30)
    • The ally won't return it and eats it anger.


  • If you chat or headpat, the target's interest level will be consumed. When the target is out of interest points, they won't respond to small talk, and headpatting won't have any effect.
  • NPCs prefer one type of item and one type of food. There is a low chance that an NPC's favorite food will be told to you while chatting or mumbled in their sleep. You can also learn about their favorite foods from their status, which can be checked with a stethoscope.
  • Aphrodisiacs are sold by vendors in Port Kapul.
  • Dream Larvae can be obtained by using the succubus' special ability.
  • Rodwyn, the witch baker in Mysilia, occasionally sells bread that has the effects of [Aphrodisiac] or [Bug Mix].

Recruiting NPCs

If the following conditions are met, you can recruit NPCs as residents of your home.

  • NPC affinity is 75 or higher
  • The player's charisma must exceed the highest attribute of the NPC.
  • (Adventurer, unique NPC only) Win a duel

Please note that you will need to progress through the quest to a certain extent in order to recruit NPCs related to the story such as Ashland and Fiama.

(If you have not progressed through the story, you will be told that there is something you still need to do and will be turned down.)