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A key part of Elin is managing My Home, a location the player sets up as a home base for housing.

Housing has several mechanics relating to land ownership, delegating tasks, raising your community, and Crafting.


Four walls (or more) and a door!


  • Maid: Expands your land, applies to pay additional taxes to Mysilia, and change the player's title. You can appoint your favorite residents and livestock as a maid. Gold bars are used to expand the land, which can be up to 90 km2 in size. Additional tax payments will increase the amount of taxes, but Missilia will send you back a number of gold bars corresponding to the amount of additional tax payments.
  • Livestock: Consume grass to produce milk and eggs.. Production efficiency varies by races. Livestock are not counted as residents, but instead cannot do their original jobs and hobbies, cannot be bought and sold, cannot be taken on adventures as pets, and no longer generate requests. You can appoint any resident as a livestock or return them as a resident from the resident board/list.
  • Secretary: Although not strictly a role, the presence of a secretary/elder NPC allows for investment in the town's development level/trading in the influence store. Investing in the town's development is not cheap, but it increases the size of all merchants in the town at the same time. The Influence Shop has the same selection of goods as in other cities, but the furniture collection tickets are for Missilia.


Taxes are due at the beginning of every month, with a tax bill being mailed to the player. Not paying your taxes in four month gives the player negative karma, and can lead to repercussions.

The amount of tax is the sum of [ base tax + fame tax + voluntary tax ].

The Base Tax is increased according to the number of months elapsed and the income from the fourth and subsequent non-tax-exempt land, while the Fame Tax is increased according to the player's fame.

The voluntary tax is a tax that can be paid at the player's discretion. The player can choose not to pay it, but if you do, you will receive gold bars as a return gift in proportion to the amount of the tax paid. The amount of voluntary taxes can be changed by asking the maid of My Home or the secretary of the town.


The Hearthstone is a mysterious stone placed on a player's land that allows him to store inhabitants in the stone and pull them out on another piece of land, rename that piece of land, and publish that map online.

As the hearthstone levels, more features of housing are slowly unlocked, but the danger level of the home also rises. Hearthstones level individually on a land-by-land basis, and leveling hearthstones in another land the player owns will provide bonuses to all lands based on the type of land held. The growth of the pact stones can be controlled by My Home policy.

The following table is an example of a stone of the pact in Meadow. The maximum number of inhabitants and other values vary depending on the land feats it has.

Level Admin Points Population Danger Level Building Modes Other Benefits
1 5 6 3 Terrain
2 10 9 7 Relocation Utility Department Policies
3 15 12 11 Clearing Item Protection
4 20 15 15 Mining 2nd Feat
5 25 18 19 Collecting, Recipe Network
6 30 21 23 Free Build
7 35 24 27 3rd Feat


Each resident of My Home has a primary job which they will try to fulfil if your home has the proper facilities and signboard, and a hobby which they will do on the side.

Work efficiency is influenced by the skill level of the resident performing the work and the quality of the bed.

Also, some types of NPCs have fixed jobs and hobbies, such as a magician whose job is research, and a farmer whose job is farming and his hobby is tinkering in the fields.

Also, some NPCs have fixed jobs and hobbies. If their job and hobbies are not fixed, you can reroll them by using the Whip of love; it can be purchased as you progress through the main quest.

Job Requirements Positive Negative Produce Skill Note
Breeding None Egg, Milk Negotiation Livestock's job
Lumberjack Lumberjack sign Logs Lumberjacking
Blacksmith Anvil Ores Blacksmith
Cooking None Meals, Sessonings Cooking
Fishing Fishing Sign Emergency Ration Fish Fishing Very small chance of fishing up small medals

Fishermen and tourists job

Farming Farm sign Soil, Emergency Ration Farming Farmers' Work
Gardening farm sign Soil, Emergency Ration Farming Farmers' Hobby
Garbology Garbage dump sign Garbage Gathering
Hunting None Emergency Ration Corpse, Marbled Meat Bow
History Bookshelf Ancient Book Memorization
Singing Mic (On Pole) Local Patriotism Music
Exploration None Publicity Gold Bar Travel The job of the caravan's captain
Cleaning None Public Moral Pickpocket Cleans the home. (Stains, etc), Maid(NPC)'s job
Chores None Weight Lifting Cleans the home. (Garbage), Maid(NPC)'s job
Shopping None Home Discount Negotiation
Nursing None Public Moral Milk Regeneration Revival and status recovery of residents, Healer's job
Handcraft None Souvenir Production
Research Bookshelf Tax Evasion Literacy Magician's Job
Supervising None Administration Investment Loytel's Job
Instrument Instrument or Mic Local patriotism Music
Game Tv Set Nocturnal Life Magic Device
Exercise None Natural power generation Weight Lifting
Reading Bookshelf Studious Literacy
Lottery None Public Moral Gacha ball Investment
Meditation None Natural power generation Mediation
Drug None Designer Drug Public Moral drugs Mediation
Cheering None Local patriotism, publicity Negotiation
Painting an easel Naughy book, dojin book, milk Sculpting
Praying None Public Moral, Public Safety letter of indulgence Faith
Self harm None engagement amulet, troublesome soup Anatomy
Blog Computer Pubilicity Literacy
Diary None Studious Literacy
Bathing Bathtub Pot of water, Rubber duck, Egg Swimming
Pet Cat house Administration, Security Mediation
Writing Writing Tool Studious Literacy
Fluffy stroke Pet House Luck, Civility, Public Moral Mediation
Personal pleasure Bed natural power generation Eggs Magic Device
Walking None Mushroom Traveling
Dieting None Can of Catechin, Gelatin Cooking
Smoking None Natural Power Generation Public Moral, High Tax Negotiation Negotiation
Drinking None Public Moral, Civility, Booze Cooking
Antique None Junk Appraising
Extravagance None High Tax Appraising Hobbies of the Nobility
Washing Fishing Sign Local patriotism Swimming
Romance None Resident Wanted! Milk Negotiation
Sleeping Bed Local patriotism Regeneration
Assassin None Public Safety Stealth Ashland and Fiama's job
Rambo None Public Safety Ammunition Gun
Gacha Gacha Public Moral Gacha ball Investment Gambler's job
Pioneer None Public Moral, Faster growth of Hearth Stone Farming


By using signs, you can designate parts of your land to be used for specific purposes.

House Board

Allows the player to change the roof and outward styling of a building.

Room Board

Allows the player to change the specifications of a room.

Stockpile Sign

Designates a room or a # block radius as a stockpile.

Fuel Storage Sign

Designates a room or a # block radius as a stockpile for fuel for furnaces, kilns, cooking tools, etc. All items in the home will automatically refuel with logs or branches from this area.

Commodity Stockpile Sign

Designates a room or a # block radius as a shopping area. Items tagged for sale will replenish with same-category items inside this area.

Sales Tag

Designates an item on the ground for sale. If inside the area of a Commodity Stockpile, will automatically replenish with items from the same category from boxes in the same area.

Can also be tagged on non-shared containers to sell the items within the container to tourists.

Garbage Dump Sign

Designates a room or a 3x3 area as a stockpile.

  • Npcs will use this area to gather and drop trash. They will place trash in the proper sorting bins if they are in radius of this sign.
Lumberjack Sign

Designates a room or a 4 block radius as a lumber yard.

  • Residents with lumberjack jobs or hobbies will move into this area to work. However, they will not be able to actually cut down trees growing in the area, only deliver logs procured from somewhere else as an effect of their work.
Ranch Sign

Designates a room or a 4 block radius as a ranch.

Fishing Sign

Designates a room or a 4 block radius as a fishing area.

Farm Sign

Designates a room or a 5x5 area as a farm.

  • Residents with farming or earth-moving jobs or hobbies will move into the area to work. However, they will not be able to actually manage the fields in the area, they will only be able to receive bonuses to Home skills as an effect of their work.


Placed at the map edge of a base, a signpost specifies where it will appear when a player enters the home from the direction in which the signpost is placed.

  • Only one square at the edge of each direction on the map can be designated; placing a signpost in the center of the base has no effect.
  • When used in conjunction with a guidesign, the effect of the guidesign takes precedence over the signpost.


Designates a room or 3x3 area as the location where a player will appear when entering the home.

  • Once this is in place, the player will appear at the location specified by this sign, no matter from which direction you enter the home.

Skills & Policies

At the house board, the player can enact many decrees and skills for My Home that apply many various effects. Certain NPCs can effect the level of the skill.

Plans, bought from scholars for Gold Bars, can allow you to learn new skills and policies.

Certain NPC jobs and hobbies affect home skill levels.

You can raise home skill levels at the cost of Gold Bars, at Skill Level +5 bars/level. Innate cap refers to the maximum level that the skill can increase through gold bars alone; it can still be increased further by resident jobs.

Home Skills
Skill Name Effect Book Cost Innate Level Cap
Construction Enables more functions in build mode. Levels up with Hearthstone. - -
Administration Each level provides more administration points for enacting policies. Skill Level +4 points - -
Food Supply Increases maximum number of residents. Skill Level +5 - -
Legacy Each level adds +1 item that is assessed towards land value. Skill Level +5 6 30
Tax Evasion Reduces taxes paid every month. 11
Local Patriotism Makes it easier to improve resident's affinity. 4
Studious Increase the efficiency of residents' work and increase the bonuses they receive from them. 6
Soil Increases quality of land's soil. (Fertility) 7 20
Public Safety Plays a role in how often attacks happen in the home - -
Public Moral Affects the Civility of residents. 6
Emergency Ration Reduce penalties if population surpasses the max limit. - -
Natural Power Generation Provides energy for appliances and mechanical tools. 10mw x Skill Lv - -
Publicity Promotional strength to boost visitor and tourist numbers 7
Luck Luck of the land. 15

Policies are passive traits that cost administration points to enable or disable.

Each one has levels that raise as they are used, which increase the effect.

They also have individual potentials but it is unknown at this time how to raise it.

Department Policy Effect Admin Cost Book Cost
Law Growth Boost Increases speed at which hearthstone grows. 3 Free
Law Growth Supression Prevents hearthstone growth. 0 Free
Law Border Watch Decreases enemy level of randomly generated enemies in My Home 3 4
Law Law prohibiting killing and injuring people at home 4 6
Law Prohibition Law prohibiting residents from drinking alcohol 4 6
Law Ban Radio Wave (Unverified) Law prohibiting residents from using illegal radio waves 3 4
Law Designer Drug Laws that make drug possession legal 3 4
Economy Resident Tax Taxes residents monthly, generating a small passive income. 4 9
Economy Wealth Tax A law for collecting taxes from wealthy residents 4 14
Economy Home Discount Decreases the price of goods sold from vendors in My Home 6 9
Economy Faith Tax (Unverified) Law to collect taxes from the followers of the Gods. 6 7
Economy Open for Business Guests will start visiting your home 5 6
Economy Tax-Free Land Land where income is not taxed. Up to three tax-free lands can be designated. 0 Free
Economy General Store License Increases the prices of items other than food, beverages, and furniture 4 6
Economy Furniture Store License Increases the prices of furniture 6
Economy Restaurant License Increases the prices of food and beverages 4 6
Welfare Strict Anti-Littering Law Reduces the amount of garbage items generated. Has a penalty to civility. 2 4
Welfare Weed Pulling Campaign Reduces the amount of weeds generated. 2 4
Welfare Resident Wanted Increase the number of people wishing to immigrate on the request bulletin board 4 6
Welfare Nocturnal Life Residents will now be awake during the night 2 4
Welfare Waste Sorting Campaign Reduce garbage generation rate and increase civil standards 1 4
Welfare (Unverified) Law to encourage residents to save electricity and reduce power consumption 2 4
Welfare Compulsory Vaccination Law making vaccination compulsory. Reduces sickness in the home. 5 4
Utility Transfer tax payment Monthly taxes will be deducted from your bank deposit 0 Free
  • Book cost is in gold bars.

Land Feats

Each parcel of land has inherent feats that provide bonuses to the home, and also to the network of homes owned by the player. As the hearthstone is leveled, the benefits of these feats unlock.

Feat Effect Network? Location Notes
Elin's Grace Increase admin points. Yes Meadow, Hill Cave
Plain Land with more admin points Meadow, Field
Forest Forest
Beach Beach
Hill Mountain
Cave Hill Cave
Sea Land with many fish and more commercial power Sea
Fertile Increase fertility of the land Meadow
Hill Land with little food supply, but more admin points. Vernis
Coal The local specialty produced in a land. Yes Vernis
Ancient Ruin Attract more visitors Vernis, Hill Cave
Dinosaur Fossil
Mysterious Tablet
Giant Statue
Hunting Ground
Breeding Ground
Fishing Spot
Weird Bird
Monster's Den
Fresh Air