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Players can take Monster or My Home's inhabitants as their companions (hereinafter referred to as "pets") and make them fight.

How to obtain pets

Get from Fiama

If you talk to Fiama after acquiring the right to the land of My Home, he will give you a pet of your choice among a puppy, a kitten, a bear cub, and a girl.

By the way, even if the story progresses without talking to Fiama and she has left My Home, you can still get a pet by talking to her.

Buy from Animal Tamer and Slave Merchant

You can purchase animal pets from trainers in cities such as Mysilia, Yowyn, and Derphy, and human pets from slavers in Derphy for Orens.

Hatch fertilized eggs

When you collect birds' nests or lay eggs in livestock or NPCs, you can get fertilized eggs in very rare cases.

Fertilized eggs can be placed on a bed and left there for a while, or they can be used in an incubator and instantly hatch to produce a new pet.

Pets hatched from fertilized eggs have a higher status growth than normal pets, as they have a large bonus to their primary ability and skill potential instead of a lower level.

Capture wild monsters

Throwing a monster ball at a monster that is low in health will get that monster.

Monster balls can be redeemed for small medals and casino chips at Miral and Garokk's Workshop and Fortune Bell, or they can be sold at any shop.

Use certain items to join them:

You can read scrolls of reinforcements to join random monsters and NPCs. There are also items that make certain NPCs from Young Sister's diary join you.

Other items will also join Snow Petit from the New Year's gift you will receive on 1/1.

Grow your faith and get an apostle from God

If you pray to God with your faith skills enhanced and your piety deepened through offerings, etc., God may give you an apostle (pet).

However, if you take more than three apostles with you, they will start fighting each other, so you can only have a maximum of two apostles at the same time.

For more information about apostles, see Gods.

Befriending and recruiting NPCs

When you befriend an NPC, you can invite them to join the player.

To join, your charisma must be higher than their highest attribute, and in the case of unique NPCs and adventurers, you must beat them in a hand-to-hand combat.

See Affinity for detailed specifications.

Take a resident you hired for gold bars

From My Home's request board, you can hire a prospective immigrant for gold bars.

You can also take the resident with you on your adventures as a pet if your charisma outweigh their highest attribute.

Advance through quests and events to join them

Unique NPCs may join you after completing quests.

See Quests for details.

Some unique NPCs also join by completing mini-events that are not quests, such as Older Younger Sister.

Number of pets you can take

The maximum number of pets you can take with you can be increased by earning the Party Animal feat.

It is possible to take more than the maximum number of pets, but the entire party will be strongly penalized for the speed.

Interference with pets


Pets that have fallen in battle will automatically revive and return to My Home after a number of days.

Talking to Fiama or paying a bartender in town will instantly revive a fallen pet.

If you are unable to revive the pet and it has not returned to My Home, it may have been revived on another property you own.

Give the items

You can give an item to your pet by using the trade command or by holding the item in your hand and presenting it.

If you give them a potion, they will automatically drink it and, in the case of acid-resistant coating solution, protect their equipment.

Please note that once you give an item or a weapon or armor equipped by your pet as a gift, it becomes the property of your pet, and if you take it away, your karma will be minus one.

Equip your pet with a weapon or armor

Unless otherwise specified, the pet will automatically equip equipment that is in a shared container in My Home or that the player has placed in his or her inventory with the trade command.

In this case, the pet will give preference to equipment that is more valuable than its performance and will prefer to have some kind of weapon in both hands, regardless of its preferred fighting style. You can equip your pet by talking to it, prohibiting the use of shared equipment, and then using the trade command to put only the equipment you need into your inventory.

Note that If you give your pet equipment by the hand-to-hand gift method, the pet may sell off that equipment in town. Be sure to give the equipment you want to equip your pet with the trade command.

Check the status

You can check your pet's simple status (DV/PV, equipment type, and resistance) on the trade Command screen.

  • Equipment (DV/PV, equipment type, equipment weight)
  • Resistance
  • Trait (Feats, Mutation, Ether Disease)
  • Growth (total feat points)

You can also check your pet's detailed character sheet by using the stethoscope, which can be purchased from Farris.


  • (Needs verification) The pet's string can be used to prevent the pet from leaving too far.
  • If you gain the Magic Manners 2 feat, items will no longer be destroyed by fire and cold attacks used by your pet.

Pet Training

Feed them food

Pets eat food and grow the same way.

If you give food to your pet in trade or as a gift, your pet will eat the food you have on hand when it is hungry.

Also, if there is a container in My Home or the player's inventory with a shared setting and food in it, the pet will automatically take the food.

Have them trained

If the pet has some money, it can be trained with that money when it is in town. This is also possible in My Home if there is a trainer as a resident.

Pets will sell off unwanted belongings for money on their own, but you can also give them a portion of the player's money through the trade command.

Let them use the training facilities

If there are straw men or woodmen near the pet, the pet may use them to train its attacks.

Also, if the pet is strapped to a gallows or torture device set up in My Home, the pet can attack it to train its defenses.

Let them learn skills and feats

As the pet gains experience, it gains feet points, which it spends to gain new skills and feats at random. You can set your pet not to automatically spend feat points from the pet's trade command.

If you give your pet a technical book to read, you can make your pet learn that skill.

Make them believe in a god

Pets randomly have faith in some god and receive a faith bonus by the value of their faith skill.

You can convert your pet by giving it a God's dojin book to read. However, some pets with fixed faith, such as divine messengers, cannot be converted.

If the player has the Model Follower 2 feat, you can make the pet pray to God and train its faith skills.