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This is a gorgeous airship casino run by Palmia.

Because the facility is located far up in the sky, it is not possible to enter directly from the global map, but you can enter it using the teleporter inside the Palmia royal capital.

Fortune Bell 1st floor

A floating casino entrance, filled with sparkles, fireworks, bunnygirls, and many other delights.

Be wary of the panties, as they are a matter of life and death.


  • Informant
  • Junk shop
  • Tool shop


  • Fountain x2
  • Cassette tape No. 104 "Butoukai", next to the north spotlight

Fortune Bell 2nd floor

Fortune Bell casino floor.

In addition to playing cards, slots, basketball, and scratch cards, there is also a sleeping area and a snail torture club.


3 to 5 types of seasonings are arranged randomly. If you can't find the seasoning you're looking for, come back another day.

Prize casino chips remarks
Tax chest 200
Ether antibody x1 3000
Monster Ball Lv.10 400
Monster Ball Lv.30 1000
Monster Ball Lv.50 2000
Dog body pillow 200
Cat body pillow 100
★Ehekatl's body pillow 50000 If you use it at bedtime, it will be easier to come up with new recipes
★Wind Sword Mound (1) 6000
★Wind Sword Mound (2) 7000
Throne (white) 4000
Throne (gold) 20000
Boss chair 7000
Statue of bell 200
Seven of wan 100
Dice 100
Ward monsters 200
Lure monsters 200
Lure metals 600
Mayo 200 [Royal Quality], same as regular products except for quality
Glutamine 600
Pepper 200
Spices 200
Jam 200
Butter 200
Honey 200
Ketchup 100
Protein 100
Cheese 100
Catechin 90
olive oil 90
Gelatin 90
Miso 80
Chili 80
Wasabi 80
sugar 80
Source 70
Preservative 70
Salt 70
Soy sauce 60
Soybeans 60
Sesame 50
bonito flakes 30
Yeast 20

Entertainment equipments

Mini-games consume stamina.Casino chips can also be purchased from casino mascots.

Casino Table

You can play blackjack.

You can bet up to 1000 casino chips (choose from 1/10/100/1000) . Reward increase by Bet x Consecutive Wins x 2.

If Goddess of Luck smiles on you, you can earn a large amount of casino chips in a short time.

Also, as you play, you will gain experience points for the "Tactics" skill.

Slot machine

You can play slots.

A maximum of 100 casino chips can be bet at one time (select from 1/2/5/10/50/100).

The arrangement of the symbols is fixed, so if you memorize the pattern, it will be easier to hit the target.

Also, as you play, you will gain experience points for the "Eye of Mind" skill.

Throwing Circle

You can play mini basketball games. Throw the snowballs into the goal and earn points.

You will receive the number of casino chips corresponding to the score you obtained.

Each time you make a shot, your score multiplier increases, and if you miss five times, the game will be reset.

The golden snow petit increases your score, and the red snow petit has the effect of recovering 1 mistake.

Since it is the only game that can be played without consuming casino chips, you will start with this game to earn money for blackjack and slots.

Also, as you play, you will gain experience points for the "throwing" skill.

Scratch Machine

You can get casino chips and various items by consuming scratch cards.

You can buy scratch cards at bookstores, or you can get one a day from the casino receptionist.


  • Casino Clerk
  • Bank clerk x2
  • Informant
  • Trainer x2
  • Bartender x5
  • Mascot
  • Junk gacha



  • Gold tree (mature tree x2, sapling x4)
  • Straw sapling x2
  • Cassette tape No. 83 “Gothic” on the table at the Snail Torture Club
  • Cassette tape No. 94 "Ensolarado", on the cat tower in the private room of the Snail Torture Club
  • Cassette tape No. 105 "Elin OP", above the TV in the generator room