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The player's main source of stat growth and stat potentials comes from Food.

Food can have a variety of traits, which further affect the Attributes gained from eating them. The gourmet feat allows one to discern which foods have these traits.

For a simplified list of ingredients by Attribute & Potential growth, see this page.

Food Traits
Stat Affected Flavor Descriptor Negative Traits Positive Traits
? Quality Tarnished Common Quality Fair Quality Fine Quality Premium Quality Royal Quality
Raise Strength Fattiness Dry Slightly Moist Moist Fatty Juicy Bursting with Juice
Raise Endurance Size Fairy-sized Putit-sized Pumpkin-sized Monster-sized Mammoth-sized Titan-sized
Raise Dexterity Freshness Dead Almost Moving Moving Lively Very Lively Alive
Raise Perception Scent Stinky Faint Aroma Pleasant Smell Fragrant Highly Fragrant Heavenly Scent
Raise Learning Rarity Boring Slightly Unusual Unusual Rare Super Rare Ultra Rare
Raise Willpower Firmness Lacks Firmness Slightly Firm Resilient Chewy Stretchy Infinitely Stretchy
Raise Magic Sweetness Bitter Slightly Sweet Sweet Clearly Sweet Extremely Sweet Sugar Bomb
Raise Charisma Appearance Ugly Concerning Eye-Catching Cute Beautiful Creepy Cute
Raise Charisma Collagen Collagen Rich
Strength Potential Richness Bland Creamy Mellow Thick Rich Velvety
Endurance Potential Density Hollow Somewhat Dense Dense Very Dense Bursting Concentrated Ultra Concentrated
Dexterity Potential Delicacy Coarse Rough Slightly Rough Delicate Extremely Delicate Utterly Delicate
Perception Potential Color Dull Color Pale Color Colorful Bright Vivid Rainbow Color
Learning Potential Vitamins Harmful Substance Trace Vitamins Small Vitamins Moderate Vitamins Large Vitamins Abundant Vitamins Treasure Trove Vitamins
Willpower Potential Crispiness Soggy Flaky Crispy Very Crispy Snappy
Magic Potential Spiciness Tasteless Somewhat Spicy Spicy Very Spicy Extremely Spicy Intensely Spicy
Charisma Potential Beauty Sandy Slightly Glossy Glossy Shiny Lustrous Bewitchingly Shiny
Food Traits (Other)
Trait Food Source Effect
Slim Down Catechin Lose Weight
Fatten Up Protein Gain Weight
Never Decay Preservative Never Decay
Slow Decay Dishes with Preservative Slow Decay
Bug Mix Food blended with dream larva Currently, works the same as Aphrodisiac Mix.
Adam [Little Sister]'s Corpse Increase base potential of main attributes. Caps at a total of +50. (Chaos Shape only: Gain Adam feat.)
Dangerous Red Mushroom Inflict Poisoned. (Can be nullified with poison resistance)
Hallucinogenic White Mushroom, Crim Powder Causes hallucinations.
Poison Mix Food blended with poison Causes around 200 damage.
Aphrodisiac Mix Food blended with love potion Increases Affinity with character, has a chance to spawn milk when eaten.
Cat Cat corpse or egg Karma -5
Human Flesh Humanoid Corpse Increase insanity, occasionally gain Human Flesh feats
Tainted Undead Corpse Always treated as rotten. (Still digestible with "Digest rotten food with ease" enchantment)

Human and undead eggs also have the [Human Flesh] and [Tainted] traits, but there are no special effects when you eat them.

In addition to these traits, foods may also display other traits that indicate their quality.

The higher the quality of food with the same traits, the higher the dietary effect.

Foods by Type

Seasonings Type Quality Traits
Olive Oil Moist Faint Aroma
Salt Extremely Spicy
Sesame Very Crispy
Soybeans Resilient Dense
Sugar Extremely Sweet
Butter Common Quality Very Dense
Catechin Common Quality Delicate Slim Down
Chili Common Quality Colorful Moist
Gelatin Common Quality Beautiful Shiny
Protein Common Quality Fatten Up Fatty
Yeast Common Quality Alive
Bonito Flakes Fair Quality Lively Pleasant Smell
Cheese Fair Quality Stinky Thick Dense
Honey Fair Quality Pleasant Smell Extremely Sweet
Jam Fair Quality Clearly Sweet Glossy
Preservative Fair Quality Never Decay Harmful Substance
Spice Spice Common Quality Very Spicy
Pepper Spice Fair Quality Very Spicy
Wasabi Spice Fair Quality Intensely Spicy
Glutamine Spice Fine Quality Sweet Concerning
Black Pepper Spice Premium Quality Super Rare Extremely Spicy
Ketchup Sauce Beautiful
Mayo Sauce Thick
Sauce Sauce Thick
Soy Sauce Sauce Shiny
Miso Sauce Fair Quality Rich
Homemade cheese inherits the traits of the original food, and adds 【Stinky】.

Produce Type Default Quality Trait Yield Notes
Imo Vegetable Common Quality Fragrant Chewy Slightly Sweet 1-3 Potato
Rice Faint Aroma Resilient 1 Can make rice products
Mushroom Mushroom Pleasant Smell Eye-Catching 1-2 Grows quickly
Red Mushroom Mushroom Delicate Colorful Dangerous 1-2
White Mushroom Mushroom Clearly Sweet Glossy Hallucinogenic 1-2
Truffle Mushroom Fair Quality Rare Thick 1-2 Rare Mushroom
Rare mushroom Mushroom Fine Quality Fragrant Super Rare 1-2 Very Rare Mushroom
Cabbage Vegetable Common Quality Moving Very Crispy 1-3
Radish Vegetable Common Quality Moving Very Crispy 1-2
Corn Vegetable Fair Quality Slightly Sweet Eye-Catching Bursting 1-2
Tomato Vegetable Common Quality Slightly Sweet Eye-Catching Pale Color 1-4 High-yield vegetable
Carrot Vegetable Eye-Catching Small Vitamins Crispy 1-3
Wheat Raw Faint Aroma Small Vitamins 1 Can make flour products
Grape Fruit Fine Quality Fairy-sized Clearly Sweet Somewhat Dense Glossy 1
Apple Fruit Sweet Eye-Catching Flaky 1-3 From fruit trees. Can be found in forest wilderness tiles.
Blueberry Fruit Common Quality Slightly Sweet Eye-Catching Glossy 1-3 Plant is just called berry. Can be found in field wilderness tiles.
Crim, handful of Nut Common Quality Slightly Sweet Eye-Catching 1-3 Can be found in field wilderness tiles.
Palulu Fruit Fair Quality Fatty Pumpkin-sized Slightly Sweet Coarse 1 Can be found in beach wilderness tiles.
Cactus Fruit Fair Quality Dense Slightly Rough 1 Can be found in beach wilderness tiles. Not farmable?
Api nuts, handful of Nut Common Chewy Slightly Sweet
Banana Fruit Common Quality Clearly Sweet Moderate Vitamins Cannot be farmed
Cabocchi Vegetable Common Quality Pumpkin-sized Resilient Mellow Cannot be farmed
Cherry Fruit Fine Quality Fairy-sized Slightly Sweet Delicate Glossy Cannot be farmed
Eggplant Vegetable Fair Quality Colorful Trace Vitamins Glossy Cannot be farmed
Gourd Vegetable Fine Quality Pumpkin-sized Trace Vitamins Somewhat Spicy Cannot be farmed
Guava Fruit Fair Quality Stinky Slightly Unusual Moderate Vitamins Spicy Cannot be farmed
Leccho Vegetable Fair Quality Moving Slightly Rough Crispy Cannot be farmed
Lemon Fruit Common Quality Small Vitamins Extremely Spicy Cannot be farmed
Orange Fruit Common Quality Faint Aroma Sweet Spicy Cannot be farmed
Pineapple Fruit Fair Quality Sweet Coarse Colorful Spicy Cannot be farmed
Pear Fruit Fair Quality Slightly Sweet Eye-Catching Cannot be farmed
Rainbow fruit Fruit Premium Quality Super Rare Rainbow Color Lustrous Not normally farmable. Can be stolen in Port Kapul. Mifu Village's Aoi stocks frequently.
Seaweed Vegetable Fair Quality Moving Colorful Trace Vitamins Cannot be farmed. Can be found in beach wilderness tiles.
Sweet Potato Vegetable Fair Quality Chewy Clearly Sweet Coarse Trace Vitamins Cannot be farmed
Watermelon Fruit Fair Quality Monster-sized Sweet Bland Crispy Cannot be farmed

Quality of food grown from seed is dependent on +rating. Produce +1 or higher has an extra positive trait, determined and fixed when reaching +1.

Seeds otherwise unobtainable may be spat out by Cute Fairy when fed.

Fish Quality Trait Notes
Ancient Fish Premium Quality Moving Rare Beautiful
Arowana Fair Quality Fairy-sized Moving Unusual Colorful
Bass Common Quality Dry Moving Slightly Sweet Moderate Vitamins
Bitterling Fairy-sized Almost Moving Delicate
Black Bass Fair Quality Dry Monster-sized Moving Rare
Blowfish Fine Quality Unusual Delicate Very Spicy
Bonito Fair Quality Moist Pumpkin-sized Lively
Carp Lively Unusual Bright
Coelacanth Premium Quality Pumpkin-sized Super Rare Thick Coarse Dull Color
Deep Sea Fish Premium Quality Rare Eye-Catching Delicate Dull Color
Eel Common Quality Fatty Stinky Rare Mellow
Flatfish Fine Quality Pumpkin-sized Unusual Eye-Catching
Goby Fairy-sized Moving Sweet Slightly Rough
Goldfish Fairy-sized Moving Slightly Rough Colorful
Mackerel Fair Quality Putit-sized Moving Moderate Vitamins
Moonfish Premium Quality Lively Rare Beautiful
Muddler Almost Moving Chewy Ugly Thick
Red Bream Fair Quality Moving Rare Bright
Salmon Fine Quality Juicy Lively
Sand Borer Fine Quality Fairy-sized Moving Delicate Crispy
Sardin Common Quality Fairy-sized Lively Slightly Firm Very Crispy
Scad Fair Quality Pumpkin-sized Lively Dense
Sea Bream Fine Quality Moving Unusual Bright
Sea Urchin Common Quality Fairy-sized Rare Ugly Rich Very Dense
Shark Fine Quality Fatty Mammoth-sized Lively
Striped Jack Fair Quality Fatty Putit-sized Moving
Sunfish Fine Quality Monster-sized Rare Cute
Sweetfish Common Quality Moving Slightly Rough Small Vitamins
Tadpole Fairy-sized Very Lively Rough
Tilefish Fair Quality Pumpkin-sized Moving Unusual
Tuna (Black) Fine Quality Moist Monster-sized Moving
Tuna (Blue) Fair Quality Monster-sized Moving Unusual
Turtle Moist Stinky Thick Small Vitamins Collagen Rich
Whale Royal Quality Juicy Titan-sized Stinky Rare Takes a long time to eat.

Edible decorations, food bought from NPCs, and processed foods.

Goods Default Quality Trait Craftable? Notes
Assorted bread Monster-sized Faint Aroma Eye-Catching
Assorted Vegetables Monster-sized Faint Aroma Eye-Catching
Avocado, piece of Food Fair Quality Fairy-sized Stinky Rare Moderate Vitamins Cannot be farmed, Cannot be used as an ingredient in vegetable and fruit dishes.
Bread, pile of Monster-sized Faint Aroma Eye-Catching
Sack Dry Pumpkin-sized Dense
Melon, piece of Fair Quality Fairy-sized Fragrant Extremely Sweet Beautiful
Lunch box Fair Quality Monster-sized Fragrant Cute
Croquette Premium Quality Fatty Level 32 Meat Meal recipe
Cooker, corpse + vegetable + tempura flour + sauce (+ seasoning)
Curry Premium Quality Monster-sized Level 30 Rice Meal recipe
Cooker, rice + corpse + vegetable + spice (+ seasoning)
Fried fish Fair Quality Lively Level 18 Fish Meal recipe
BBQ table, fish + tempura flour (+ seasoning)
Instant ramen Chewy Level 1 Noodle recipe
Cauldron, pot of noodle + seasoning
Vegetable Soup Fragrant Level 1 Soup recipe
Cauldron, vegetable
Potage Common Fragrant Level 6 Soup recipe
Cauldron, vegetable + seasoning
Stew Level 12 recipe
Cauldron, corpse + seasoning (+ rice)
Cream stew Fair Fragrant Level 16 Soup recipe
Cauldron, any milk + corpse + vegetable + vegetable
Stewed vegetable Fine Quality Rare Level 20 Vegetable Meal recipe
Cauldron, vegetable + vegetable (+ vegetable) (+ corpse)
Cazuela Fine Fragrant Level 21 Soup recipe
Cauldron, fish + seasoning (+ vegetable)
Rice bowl Fine Monster-sized Level 22 Rice recipe
Cauldron, rice + egg + seasoning (+corpse) (+vegetable)
Sukiyaki Premium Quality Fragrant Level 35 Soup recipe
Cauldron, corpse + vegetable + seasoning (+ egg) (+ pot of noodle)
Tsukimi udon Premium Chewy Level 36 recipe
Cauldron, pot of noodle + egg + seasoning (+ corpse) (+ vegetable)
Ramen Level 46 recipe
Cauldron, pot of noodle + seasoning (+ corpse) (+ vegetable) (+ fish)
Mousse Clearly Sweet Level 1 Cake recipe
Mixer, fruit + gelatin
Sherbet Fair Beautiful Level 11 Fruit recipe
Mixer, fruit + seasoning (+ egg)
Jelly Fine Quality Beautiful Level 23 Fruit Meal recipe
Mixer, fruit + gelatin (+ seasoning)
Flan Fine Quality Rare Level 23 Egg Meal recipe
Mixer, egg + gelatin + seasoning
King parfait Royal Quality Beautiful Level 44 recipe
Mixer, fruit + fruit + nut + sack of cake dough + seasoning
Meat on the bone Fatty Level 1 Meat Meal recipe
BBQ table, corpse
Noodle, pot of Common Quality Stretchy Millstone, bundle of wheat OR bundle of rice + bag of salt
Rice, bag of Chewy ✔* Two items with shared names and default traits. Top-tie bag is craftable, bale-shaped is not.
Millstone, bundle of rice + bundle of rice
Sauteed fish Common Quality Lively Level 5 Fish Meal recipe
Cooker, fish + sauce (+ vegetable)
Bread Level 1 Bread recipe
Oven, dough (+ block of cheese)
Cookie Level 1 recipe
Oven, nut + dough (+ seasoning)
Loaf of Bread Common Chewy Cooking 4 Bread recipe
Oven, sack of bread dough + seasoning (+ egg)
Breadstick Fair Chewy Cooking 10 Bread recipe
Oven, nut + sack of bread dough + seasoning (+ vegetable)
Shortcake Fair Quality Clearly Sweet Level 12 Cake recipe
Oven, fruit + cake dough + seasoning
Soft and fluffy bread Fair Quality Chewy Level 18 Bread recipe
Oven, nut + dough + dough (+ seasoning) (+ cheese)
Manju Fair Clearly Sweet Level 18 Cookie recipe
Oven, nut + dough + seasoning (+ corpse) (+ fruit)
Caramel cake Fair Clearly Sweet Level 19 recipe
Oven, fruit + gelatin + sack of cake dough + seasoning (+ egg)
Cream puff Fine Chewy Level 24 Bread recipe
Oven, nut + fruit + dough + seasoning
Tiramisu Fine Quality Clearly Sweet Level 26 Cake recipe
Oven, nut + cake dough + seasoning (+ fruit)
Pie Level 31 recipe
Oven, nut + fruit + dough + seasoning (+ corpse)
Crepe Premium Beautiful Level 34 Fruit recipe
Oven, fruit + egg + sack of cake dough + seasoning (+ vegetable)
Giant shortcake Premium Clearly Sweet Level 36 recipe
Oven, fruit + fruit + sack of cake dough + sack of cake dough + seasoning
Pizza Level 42 recipe
Oven, dough (+ seasoning) (+ vegetable) (+ corpse) (+nut)
Spicy stir-fry Fair Quality Fatty Level 12 Meat Meal recipe
Cooker, corpse + spice (+ vegetable)
Take-out pizza Fair Quality Fatty Fragrant Harmful Substance Level 12 Meal recipe
Microwave oven, dough OR flour OR pot of noodle (+ seasoning) (+ vegetable) (+ corpse) (+ nut)
Meat on the bone Fatty Level 1 Meat Recipe
BBQ Table, corpse
Skewer of grilled fish Lively Level 1 Fish Recipe
BBQ Table, fish
Roasted fruit Beautiful Level 1 Fruit Recipe
BBQ Table, fruit
Meat roast Common Fatty Level 5 Meat Recipe
BBQ Table, corpse + vegetable
Fried fish Fair Lively Level 18 Fish Recipe
BBQ Table, fish + sack of tempura flower (+ seasoning)
Whole roasted meat Fine Fatty Level 20 Meat Recipe
BBQ Table, corpse + corpse + seasoning (+ nut)
Tempura Level 24 Fish Recipe
BBQ Table, fish + vegetable + sack of tempura flour (+ nut)
Grilled meat with shiso leaves Fine Fatty Level 25 Meat Recipe
BBQ Table, corpse + nut + vegetable (+ seasoning)
Mini salad Rare Level 1 Vegetable Recipe
Cutting Board, vegetable
Assorted fruit Common Beautiful Level 4 Fruit Recipe
Cutting Board, fruit + fruit
Pickled vegetable Common Rare Level 8 Vegetable Recipe
Cutting Board, vegetable + sauce
Onigiri Fair Monster-sized Level 11 Rice Recipe
Cutting Board, rice + seasoning (+ fish) (+ corpse)
Sashimi Fair Lively Level 12 Fish Recipe
Cutting Board, fish + sauce
Salad Fair Rare Level 14 Vegetable Recipe
Cutting Board, vegetable + fruit + seasoning (+ nut)
Live sashimi Premium Lively Level 32 Fish Recipe
Cutting Board, fish + vegetable (+ fish)
Caesar salad Premium Rare Level 32 Vegetable Recipe
Cutting Board, vegetable + vegetable + nut + egg + sauce
Sushi Royal Lively Level 40 Fish Recipe
Cutting Board, fish + rice + vegetable + sauce
Cooked rice Monster-sized Level 1 Rice Recipe
Cooking Tool, rice + seasoning
Fried egg Rare Level 1 Egg Recipe
Cooking Tool, egg
Pasta salad Common Chewy Level 7 Noodle Recipe
Cooking Tool, pot of noodle + vegetable (+ seasoning)
Omelette Common Rare Level 8 Egg Recipe
Cooking Tool, egg + sauce (+ seasoning)
Carbonara Fair Chewy Level 18 Noodle Recipe
Cooking Tool, pot of noodle + block of cheese + sauce
Garlic spaghetti Fine Chewy Level 24 Noodle Recipe
Cooking Tool, pot of noodle + vegetable + sauce + spice
Stir fried vegetable Fine Rare Level 24 Vegetable Recipe
Cooking Tool, vegetable + corpse + seasoning
Spagetti with meat sauce Fine Chewy Level 28 Noodle Recipe
Cooking Tool, pot of noodle + corpse + sauce
Kid's lunch Premium Rare Level 35 Egg Recipe
Cooking Tool, egg + rice + fruit + seasoning (+ block of cheese)
Holiday meal Royal Lively Level 50 Fish Recipe
Cooking Tool, fish + vegetable + corpse + egg (+ seasoning)
Watermelon, piece of Fair Quality Fairy-sized Sweet
Whole roasted meat Fine Quality Fatty
Homemade goods inherit the qualities of the ingredients.