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Character Creation

At character creation, several important factors for the character are decided at the beginning of the game. Many of these features have no way to be changed going forward, and thus have the biggest impact on your game.

Class & Race

A character's Class and Race determine many features, such as a character's starting skills, stats, and base potentials.

Many racial and class feats are completely unique, and cannot be obtained any other way in game.

Class and Race bonuses to potentials, stats, and skills are additive.

A high base potential means that skills will develop more rapidly, leading to quicker level ups and gains. Potential naturally will not drop below this level without an effect that explicitly decreases potential.

Class also determines the player's starting Domains, which effect the appearance of spell books in shops, damage done of that element, as well as spells learned from the Dream Waker feat.


Currently, there are two vows in game, and a third option to go without vow.

Vow Effect Permadeath
No Vow Player character can quicksave and load anywhere at anytime. No
Vow of Destiny Manual save and load will be disabled in your journey. No
Vow of Eternity You are granted the "Fate" feat at the start of your journey.

Manual save and load will be disabled in your journey. If you die, everything will be lost.


Cosmetic Features


A character's alias is the callsign they are known by in game. It is not to be confused with title, which is how the residents of My Home refer to the player.


Gender only has a bearing on the pronouns used in game for the player.

There are three options, Male, Female, and ???.

Personal History

This block determines Age, Height, Weight, Parents, Birth Place and Birthday. It is entirely cosmetic, and has no bearing on in-game features.


The player's sprite can be edited by clicking the quill and scroll next to the portrait selection. This can be changed in-game later with no restriction. Further features for appearance are accessible at a mirror or dresser.



Attributes are leveled by using the associated skills, and also by consumption of different Foods.

Potential is the rate at which you gain experience with the related skills or attributes. It can be raised by feats, drinking from wells, or other methods such as training.

Each main attribute also effects the damage of spells of the related domains.


Skills are what the character is good at. These range from active skills like weapon skills, which determine damage and accuracy, or passive skills like weightlifting which increase carrying weight.

More skills can be learned in Towns from Skill Trainers

See the Skills page for further details on skills.


Each god gives the player a passive or active buff, and a passive bonus to stats and skills based on religion. This bonus scales with time spent worshipping, piety, and the faith skill.

See the Gods page for further details on each god.


See the Spellcasting page for further details on spells.


See the Abilities page for further details on special abilities learned from various sources.


Feats are gained on each level up. The player levels up by gaining levels in individual skills or increasing their stats, each of these things contribute towards feat EXP.

See the Feats page for further details on each feat available to the player.


As the player goes through their daily life, they can become afflicted with various statuses or be under the influence of various blessings, hexes, or transformations.

See the Status page for a list of various afflictions that can affect the player.


Karma is a measure of the character's lawfulness. Doing quests and returning lost items increases karma.

Failing to pay taxes, failing quests, and stealing all lower karma.

At negative karma, the player is treated as a criminal, and attacked on sight by guards, and many shopkeepers will not do business with you.

The only safe haven for a criminal is the town of Derphy.

See the Karma page for a list of actions that increase or decrease karma.

Ether Disease

For a list of potential Ether Mutations see Ether Disease

The player will gradually accumulate Ether Disease as they explore the world.

These mutations can be cured with potions of ether antibody, found at the casino and elsewhere.


For a list of mutations, see Mutations

As the player drinks from water sources or drinks potions of mutation, they will gain mutations. Mutations can be both positive or negative along a spectrum for each type of mutation.