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Abilities are special skills that can be used by consuming stamina. There are things that can be learned by acquiring skills and feats, and things that can only be used by a specific race or faith.


Name Acquired Related abilities Target Effect Notes
Meditate Default Will Self HP/MP natural recovery is strengthened

If you need sleep or are fatigued, the player will fall asleep.

Can also be used on the global map

Recovery increases according to meditation skills.

Quick craft Default Learning Self Simple crafts without a crafting station. See the Craft page for recipes that can be made.
Self Harm Default Charisma Self Injure yourself for a certain number of turns, receive damage, and enter a bleeding state. Occasionally teleports to a nearby area A last resort when nothing can be done
Pray Default - Self HP and MP are fully recovered and a small amount of experience points are added to faith skills. It is only effective once a day, and in this work it does not consume faith to use.
Sleight Of Hand Learn Pickpocket Dexterity Npcs, Objects, Containers Steal the target item

The weight of the item that can be stolen depends on the value of STR and the Pickpocket skill.

Elapsed time is fixed at 20 turns. Karma -1 from conscience when successfully stealing.

If the thief is found by NPCs around him or himself, he will be turned hostile and cannot steal again without being turned hostile.

Riding Learn Riding Will Ally You can ride a companion and move at the speed of the companion you ride.

A mounted companion will take damage instead of the player, but will only be stunned and will not die if their HP reaches 0.

Host Learn Symbiosis Charisma Ally Infect your friends with parasitism.

Parasitic allies will take damage instead of the player, but even if their HP reaches 0, they will only be stunned and will not die.

Allows leveling while protecting weak pets.
Charge Tactics Lv.5 Teleports to the target and deals melee damage

Bonus to damage the further away from the target.

Can only be used if you are at least 2 tiles away from the target.

Taunt Defender Feat Will Self Put yourself into a provocation state and make the enemy target you Increasing the rank of feet will expand the provocation range.
Maconomy Mana Saver Feat Magic Self Turns you into Maconomy. Reduces mana consumption instead of +1 spell stock consumption when chanting magic. Increasing the rank of the feat further reduces mana consumption while keeping the +1 spell stock consumed


Abilities obtained as faith bonuses will no longer be usable if you change faith.

Name Acquired Related abilities Target Effect Notes
Absorb Mana Itzpalt of Element Piety Party Recover MP
Prayer of Jure Jure of Healing Piety Party Recover HP
Lulwy's Trick Lulwy of Wind Piety Party Significant speed increase for 7 turns
Kizuami's Trick Kizuami of Trickery Piety Creature If used on an ally, it will give a random blessing, and when used on an enemy, it will give you multiple types of random curses (the number given increases depending on the Piety level)
Headpad Horome of Moonshadow Piety Creature It consumes one of the target's interest pips and increases the friendship level slightly. Has a chance of causing the target to lay an egg.

When used by a Horome believer on a friend, it gives the party an "Euphoric" state.

Race specific

Name Acquired Related abilities Target Effect Notes
Dream Larva Succubus Charisma Creature Sneak a Dream Larva into the target's belongings

NPCs possessing Dream Larva will now warp to nearby sleeping characters and do pleasant things.

Dream Larva placed in your inventory can be mixed with food and used like an aphrodisiac.

NPC only

Name User Effect Notes
Cover Shiva race, "Big Sister" etc. Teleports to the ally being attacked and receives damage in their place.
Insult Black angel, etc. Applies dimness to target You can request to be insulted by the ally with the Insult skill.
Eye of Dimness Fairy Applies dimness to target
Eye of Insanity Black cat Increases target's madness level