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A small schoolyard full of Little Ones, west of My Home(Meadow) . Big sister keeps everyone safe ♥.





Most items in the Little Garden can only be redeemed with furniture tickets, but the following items can be taken out at will.

  • Box of miniature x3
  • Cassette tape No.51 "Yuki", desk in the classroom
  • Cassette tape No.85 "PSML515", Log chair behind slide


Little Ones and the Little Garden

  • To begin, Big Sister will sell little balls for free. These can be thrown at little ones to capture them when they spawn from the defeat of a wild big daddy.
    • When a big daddy spawns in a map, "you hear a loud roar" will be printed in the log in yellow letters.
  • Bring captured little ones back to the little garden to be awarded 5 influence with little garden.
  • Influence can be traded at Big Sister for rewards.
  • Killing little ones will increase the ticket prices of all claimables in little garden at the rate of 1 per little one killed. This increase can be worked off by rescuing little ones to offset your misdeeds; every 5 little ones saved reduces any penalty by 1.
    • Killing little ones does not cause any loss of influence or reduction in big daddy spawn rates.

Rescue Rewards

These are the main items that can be collected in the Little Garden. The number of tickets required for collection depends on the quality of the furniture and the number of Little Ones killed.

Name tickets Note
★Cooler Box 6 Can also be obtained from the "A request to find a puppy" quest.
★Izpalt's Body Pillow 10
★Mani's Body Pillow 10
★Lulwy's Body Pillow 10
★Kumiromi's Body Pillow 10
★Jure's Body Pillow 10 Reduces insanity when used while sleeping.
★Opatos's Body Pillow 10
A last remaining flicker of nobility shining brightly in this chaotic world 5 Craft resource for King's bed
A last remaining flicker of decency in this wretched world 2 Craft resource for futon
Seasaw 2
Slide 5
Swing 2
Globe gym 3
Jungle gym 3
Dome 4
Mini pool 3
Ride 2 Designs: dog, rabbit, dolphin, mandragora, black angel, exile
Horizontal bar 2

The ADAM trait

  • The meat of little ones bears the [ADAM] trait, the only source of this food trait in the game.
    • Unlike other food traits, the [ADAM] trait is lost upon cooking, so little one corpses must be eaten raw.
  • When eaten, food with the [ADAM] trait grants an increase in base stat potentials, along with the message "you evolve".
  • This increase starts at +5 and gradually decreases with each use until it's +1 per Little One meat after 100 base potential is achieved.
    • The maximum base potential increase is +50 total, after which eating more will not grant any more base potential.
  • Chaos shapes gain additional benefits from the [ADAM] trait in the form of the ADAM feat, which grants 2 life and 3 speed per rank.
    • Each Little One meat grants one rank, and the feat may be stacked to 10 ranks.