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Mechanics of Sleeping

If you are drowsy or fatigued, you can use a bed or meditate to fall asleep. When you sleep, you recover HP, MP, and stamina, and when you wake up, you have a chance of discovering a crafting recipe. You may also re-discover a recipe, in which case the recipe's level will increase. If you sleep with negative stamina, your stamina will first recover to 1, and then an additional amount will be recovered depending on the bed you used.

Obtaining the feats of Good Sleeper/Sleeper will increase the amount of stamina recovered and the chance of discovering a recipe. The amount of stamina recovery also depends on the type of bed and its quality value. It is currently unknown whether the ease with which recipes come to mind changes depending on the type and quality of the bed. The bed quality values can be checked by hovering over the item.

Magic Dreams

There is a low probability that a person may dream of magic during sleep and learn magic of the attributes of his/her domain of expertise. A character who possesses the occupational feat of Magic Mastery or the feat of Dream Waker will have an increased chance of experiencing magical dreams. Only magic with a stock of 0 can appear in a magical dream, but this limitation is eliminated if the character has acquired the Feat of Dream Waker.


The amount of stamina recovered in the table is the value when the quality of the bed is "Common quality" with no quality values written on the bed tooltip.

Bed Recovery amount

(Without feet)

Recovery amount

(Sleep Master)

Crafted at Remarks
None 15 16 Not required
Makeshift bed 33 59 Workbench Recipes are unlocked from the beginning

Light and easy to carry

Stone bed 31 65 Mason's table
Poor bed 43 69 Blacksmith's table
Bunk bed (single) 53 78 Blacksmith's table
Bunk bed 68 85 Blacksmith's table
Bed 61 98 Carpenter's table
Modern bed 58 128 Blacksmith's table
Futon 101 128? Loom Light and easy to carry

Crafting requires rare items

Hammock 106 Carpenter's table Light and easy to carry
Prince's bed 160? Carpenter's table Crafting requires rare items
King's bed 193? Carpenter's table Crafting requires many rare items

Body pillows

Body pillows can be obtained as prizes from the Fortune Bell. Placing body pillows on top of a bed will increase the amount of stamina recovered when sleeping on that bed. If you put both the bed and body pillow in your inventory and use the shortcut "Use Backpack Bed," the body pillow will also be used.

★God's Body Pillow recovers more stamina than normal Body Pillows, and each one has its own unique additional effects.

Body pillow Additional effects
Cat body pillow None
Dog body pillow None
★Ehekatl's Body Pillow Higher chance of discovering new recipes
★Jure's Body Pillow Reduces insanity
★Opatos's Body Pillow
★Kumiromi's Body Pillow
★Mani's Body Pillow
★Lulwy's Body Pillow
★Itzpalt's Body Pillow