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Vendors are NPCS in Elin that sell particular goods.

Many can be Invested in, providing increased inventory.

Many vendors can be recruited to My Home.

Vendor General Goods Notable Goods Other Services Currency Location
Fiama recipes, housing boards a plan of Tax Evasion Gold Bar My Home
Loytel recipes, housing boards a plan of Resident Tax Gold Bar My Home
Nino recipes, housing boards, furniture Wagons, Tents Town Investment Gold Bar Tinker's Camp
Nola furniture tickets Recipe of Bullet, Quarrel, Binocular, Detector Mayor Influence Palmia
Aoi Fruits, Veggies Rainbow Fruit Orens Mifu Village
Farris Recipes, Scrolls of Return, Evac Stethoscope, Whip of Love Orens My Home
Kettle Reproductions of items crafted by the player Coldproof Blanket, Fireproof Blanket,

Bred seeds, royal-quality dishes

Intermediate resources (string, tight rope, IC chip)

Hard-to-craft items (refrigerators, beehive, beds, etc.)

Orens My Home
Rodwyn (Enhanced) Flour, Bread Potions of Putitifacation, Book of Broomification Orens Mysilia
Miral Artifacts and Replicas All Items are notable. Small Medals Miral & Garokk's Workshop
Big sister little ball Furniture Tickets Influence Little Garden
Felmera Resale of a painting that was a gift to you. Orens Lumiest
Seeker Books, Magic Books, Scrolls, Plans, Ancient Books Skill Manuals, Old Sketches, Treasure Maps, Recipes Free Seeker's Keep
Slan Maps Orens Seeker's Keep
Guild clerk Flyers Guidance Orens Merchant's Guild
Casino Clerk Tax payment boxes, monster balls, furniture, [royal quality] seasonings Ehekatl's body pillow, antibodies One free scratch card per day Casinochips Fortune Bell
Mascot Casinochips Guidance Orens Fortune Bell, Palmia
Elder Furniture Tickets Influence All Towns
Secretary Furniture Tickets Town Investment Influence All Towns
Scholar Plans Gold Bar Mysilia, Palmia, Willow, Tinker Camp
Scrivender Deeds, Licences Orens The embassy, Mysillia
Bartender Alcohol pet revival Orens Settlements
Baker Flour, Bread Orens All Towns
Fruit Merchant Fruits, Veggies Orens Port Kapul
Butcher Corpses, Seasonings Orens Derphy
Fishmonger Seafood Bait Orens Port Kapul, Lumiest
Inkeeper Seasonings, Food Travel rations Meal Orens Settlements
Healer Holy-domain Magic Books, Scrolls, Rods, Potions Healing, Stat Restoration Orens All Towns
Mage Magic Books, Scrolls, Rods Identification Orens Port Kapul, Mysilia, Palmia, Lumiest, Tinker Camp, Noyel
Magic Shopkeeper Magic Books, Scrolls, Rods Orens Port Kapul, Mysilia, Palmia, Lumiest
Bookshop Books, Magic Books, Scrolls, Plans, Ancient Books Skill Manuals, Old Sketches, Treasure Maps, Recipes Orens Mysilia, Lumiest
Souvenir Shop Wooden Figure Orens Olvina
Furniture Shop Furniture, Instruments Orens Mysilia, Palmia
Goods Food, Drink, Seasonings, Furniture Coldproof Blanket, Fireproof Blanket, Lockpicks, Monster Balls Orens
General Food, Seasonings, Drinks, Furniture Orens
Salesclerk Food, Seasonings, Drinks, Furniture Orens Aquili Teola, The Embassy
Drug Dealer Drugs Acidproof Liquid, Love Potion, Hormone Drug Orens Port Kapul
Vending Machine Drinks, Potions, Pornography Bottle of Water Orens Olvina, Aquili Teola, Port Kapul, Derphy
Junk Gacha Junk Strange Copper Coin Port Kapul, Derphy, Aquli Teola, Missilia, Palmia, Fortune Bell, The Embassy
Potted Plant Gacha Potted Plants Strange Silver Coin Olvina
Furniture Gacha Furniture Strange Gold Coin The Embassy
Weapon Weapons, Armor, Ammo Artifacts Orens All Towns
Blackmarket Artifacts Lockpicks (Thieves' Guild) Orens Port Kapul, Derphy
Exotic Merchant Artifacts Orens Merchant's Guild
(Mifu) Goods Eastern-styled furniture Orens Mifu Village
(Mifu) Goods 2 Seeds Orens Mifu Village
(Mifu) Goods3 Magic Books, Scrolls, Rods Orens Nefu Village
(Mifu) Goods 4 milks Orens Nefu Village
Gunsmith Guns, Crosbows, Ammo Socket modifications Orens Aquili Teola
Festival Merchant Fireworks Orens Specific towns by month
Lantern Merchant Lanterns Fireproof lanterns Orens Specific towns by month
Animal Tamer Animal-themed allies Shiva, T-rex Orens Derphy, Mysilia
Slave Merchant Humanoid allies Vendors for My Home Orens Derphy
Ecopo merchant Eco mark, Improved seeds Ether antibody, Scroll of Exterminate Ecopos Yowyn
Platinum merchant Lucky Coin Platinum coins Palmia

Towns are comprised of Port Kapul, Derphy, Olvina, Mysilia, Palmia, Lumiest, Noyel

Settlements are all of the above plus Willow, Specwing, Mifu Village, Tinker Camp.