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Cassette Tapes can be found across the world, each one unlocking a BGM track. Unlocked BGM can be played on gramophones, houseboards, TVs, and radio cassettes.

Cassette Number Song Provided Location Detailed Location
1 No BGM N/A N/A
2 Pop01 Vernis Northeast, inside surrounded by huge rocks
3 PSML516 Mansion of Little Sister Storage hallway, on floor
4 Hoshi no Kiseki Seeker's Keep Storage room
5 Tyris 1 Hill Cave On the bookshelf
6 Tyris 2 Seeker's Keep 2F, on lectern
7 Tyris 3 Quiet Beach Wave lapping on a small island offshore
9 Fun Village Tinker's Camp Behind Caravan Master
11 Buki Kobo Miral and Garokk's Workshop West, warehouse
13 Ruins Truce Ground, A pile of garbage bags outside
18 Mitologia Palmia Embassy War Table, NE corner
19 Morning Breeze Port Kapul S, Bank Vault, on chest.
20 Morning Breeze, Sunny Day Port Kapul Lighthouse (NW)
21 PSML047 Aquili Teola Server Room
26 Kokyo Noyel North house, on wardrobe
28 Kagayaku Tsuki The Place Where Winds Rest At the base of the tree in the center
31 SBGM 5 Quiet Beach Next to boat in a bowl.
33 Hoshi To Tsuki No Oka Seeker's Keep 1F, west corner of the hallway
39 Raina Willow Cetrus's Bedroom, on top of the shelf
41 Earlgrey Guitar Tinker's Camp On a load next to the tent
43 Along the riverside road Tinker's Camp Behind a small ranch, near a delivery box
44 Heya Guitar Tinker's Camp Southeast of the hanging pot, on top of a pile of logs
45 Sancho Panza Derphy House (SE), next to the bed.
51 Yuki Little Garden Schoolroom desk
53 Hoard Merchant Guild NE, on the cart outside the building.
57 Mearas Village 2 Yowyn Stable (NE)
58 PSML060 Hill Cave On a pile of straw
61 Hyousetsu Lumiest Mage's Guild, Laboratory behind hidden door.
63 Shop Palmia E, Weapon Shop, Behind screen, on mirror table
64 Mearas Town Specwing Top Floor, on crates in corner
69 Escape Palmia Bar (SE)
71 Taikutsu Lumiest S, Inn, Central room, on table
72 Netherworld Shanty Derphy NW, Bank Vault
73 Tabino Hajime Mysilia NE, Graveyard Garden
80 Big Mojo Derphy Thieves Guild, Black market vendor room, on shelf
81 Exotics Lumiest Crater East riverside
83 Gothic Fortune Bell Snail Torture Club
85 PSML515 Little Garden Behind slide, playground.
87 Memory Lumiest In the waterway south of the Magician's Guild mansion, next to the streetlight.
89 Semi. Yuugata. Olvina NE, Brewery, on barrels.
90 Hirusagari Kibun Tinker's Camp Behind wagon, on wooden box
91 Nichiyo No Gogo Vernis North, on top of the log pile
93 Cat Life Yowyn Underground cat cafe, on generator
94 Ensolarado Fortune Bell 2F, Snail torture club, on top of the cat tower
97 BGM3-11 Var Asylum Between the bunk beds
100 Tsukino Kobune The Cursed Manor Next to the piano
103 Sabakuwo Iku Port Kapul Fighter's Guild, Prison, rightmost cell
104 Butoukai Fortune Bell 1F(N), next to spotlight
105 Elin Op Fortune Bell 2F(N), Generator room, on TV
106 Elin ED Mifu Village SE house, on tv.
108 Wafu Nefu Village North, on a log by the river
109 And Thus Into Legend Home Quest Reward of "Missing Inspector"