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<Mani of Machine>



He is a cold-hearted heretic who, while still retaining his humanity in his machine body, has taken the throne from the ancient Gods through trickery and intrigue. His power is still immeasurable. To him, the existence of God and providence are irrational, and his plan is to destroy Gods and eventually achieve a society ruled entirely by machines.


Are you really a chunni if you have the skills to back it up?

Worship of Mani is best reserved for gunners, as dexterity and perception are suited for ranged combat, and gun boosts, well, guns. Characters who favour bows are more advised to worship his ex Lulwy instead, as she provides bonuses to bows and crossbows.

While Mani's combat niche may be considered narrow, he does grant several generic dungeoneering bonuses to spot hidden, appraisal, strategy and lock picking. Worship of Mani can help ease early-game woes when these skills are low, but it may be better to switch to another god later on when these skills hit diminishing returns and the bonuses become extraneous.

The android is a strong contender for an offensive pet with its triple ranged attack and ability to reboot, but like Mani's bonuses, it is focused in scope and doesn't have any utility.

Gaining favour with Mani is best achieved by heading to Aqui Teola and buying out the gunsmith's stock of guns, then heading to the cyber altar nearby and sacrificing them all. Since he now also accepts drugs as offerings, growing or harvesting crim and grinding it into crim powder, or simply offering the many drug-type potions all over the floor of nefias are also alternatives.


Machine Domination

Machine-type creatures which are hostile have a chance to be dominated by a believer of Mani and become the believer's follower; the dominated machine is considered a summon. The domination check is made when a machine targets a believer in its combat turn. Neutral machines may be attacked to turn them hostile and hence be dominated.

Machines which are residents at the player's home can not be dominated. However, as with the player, allies and enemies who profess faith in Mani can also dominate some machines who attack them.

Signals from God

Action Message
Converting "Oh, someone comes to me finally. Devote yourself to my tasks, you'll be rewarded greatly, maybe."
Turning Apostate "Great, a traitor."
Taking Over An Altar "Well done. After all, you might be useful than I thought."
Failing to take over Mani's altar "Heh, Nice try."
Offering items worth high value "Cool. I like it."

"I'll accept it."

"Not bad, thanks."

"Good work."

Load Game/Entering Home "Ah, you've returned. You're tougher than I thought."
Sleeping "Flesh and blood, how pathetic to waste much of your limited life sleeping. But rest well for now, for you will need to serve me again."
Praying "You should mechanize your body."

"Always behave true to my name."

"No need to hurry. The day machines dominate the world is much closer than you think."

"The evolution of civilization has always brought disappointment to humanity itself."

"A part of my body is still intact and remains in the lower realm, surprising. "

"What's this? Are you slacking off?"

"Praying is a completely irrational act, don't you think?"

"Governance by machines is the salvation of mankind."

Killing "Nice kill."

"Don't you want to decompose it?"

"Ah, this soul could be a good component for a new machine."

Activating Ability N/A
Giving Pet "Android, this mortal will take care of your maintenance."
Giving Artifacts "You've been a faithful servant of me. Here, use it wisely."