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As we aim to be a bilingual resource, each page will have both Japanese and English content.

Please link alternate language subpages through the associated language subpage by redirecting to the appropriate page. For example, for the English-language page Elin:Ashland, create the Elin:Ashland/ja page and redirect it to Elin:エイシュランド, and vice versa. This allows the Polyglot extension to automatically switch the language to the user's native language while browsing.


Format all links in content to hide the namespace.

For example, when linking to Ashland, write the wikilink as so: [[Elin:Ashland|Ashland]].

The first time a Npc, location, or other notable item is mentioned in an article, it is helpful if it is linked appropriately. In tables, always link the related item or page, even if it is listed multiple times.

If the item is not notable enough to have its own page, you can use # in the link to append the proper heading to the title such as [[Elin:Dragon Slayer#Replica|Dragon Slayer (Replica)]]

Article Names

All proper nouns, locations, and important words in article titles should be capitalized appropriately, as well as the first letter in any leading words such as "An, A, The" if they are the initial word in a title. Do not capitalize conjuctions or prepositions unless they are the leading word in a title.

For example, The Place Where Winds Rest and The Mansion of Younger Sister

Precious Item pages should be generated under their identified name, and not their unidentified name. For example, Sword of Forget-me-not.

Characters should only be listed under their given name, the part in 「Brackets」, and not by their callsign, title or alias. The callsign should be added to the page appropriately, as some characters may have multiple callsigns depending on story progression. For example, Ashland
However, some unique NPCs do not have fixed names, as their names in「Brackets」are randomly generated. For these characters only, please create an article with their alias. For example, Emissary of Ivory Tower.

Tables, Divs, Etc

Try to keep all formatting as simple as possible (while still providing clarity of information) for now.

Wikitables are currently preferred over html tables for the sake of generating pages, if possible. As data and pages become more content dense, we will evaluate styling of tables on a unified, wiki-wide scale. Parser functions and minor styling is acceptable, but subject to change as content expands.

The current goal is to make the data as easy to enter as possible for newcomers to wiki editing, and to refine and optimize the presentation of data at a later date.


Provide the appropriate categories to content. For a list of categories, see: Categories.

Tag all English-language content with [[Category:EN]] and all Japanese-language content with [[Category:JA]]



The general namespace is for things relating to the whole world and meta information, such as history, lore, or out-of-game materials such as artbooks or lore books.


All pages that are specifically about the game Elin should be created under the Elin namespace. An example page would be Elin:Gods or Elin:Ashland. This is to differentiate features, mechanics, and statistics on a game-per-game basis, and as a form of futureproofing the wiki.


The Template namespace is for templates. These pages are the building block for all of the other pages.


Please create walkthroughs, tutorials, and guides under your personal Userpage. You can create subpages such as User:Hachimitsu/Example freely. Afterwards, they can be added to Player_Guides with the proper forms filled.


Please upload media through the proper Upload Wizard Campaigns if applicable. Format filenames with the applicable game as a suffix, such as Elin, and what kind of file they are. An example would be Elin_Npc_Sprite_Kumiromi_of_Harvest.png or Elin_BGM_Performance_Piano.ogg This is to keep media easily organized and accessible through the search function. Please do not upload any copyrighted material you do not have permission to post.

  • All in-game assets should be attributed to Lafrontier.
  • The date should be the date they were added to the game.
  • For assets outside of the game, attribute them to the appropriate artist and tag with their upload date, and source (pixiv, etc).

If any material uploaded to the wiki is in violation of copyright, please message an administrator to have it removed. We will comply with any takedown requests.


All text contributions to Ylvapedia are submitted under [CCA-Share Alike.] What this means is that all data entered on this wiki is available to the public to redistribute the material in any medium or format, to edit it, to transform it, or build upon it- even commercially. Anything from public domain or a free resource that is also under CCA Share Alike is acceptable to be submitted, so long as the proper attributions are provided.

All media and files on this wiki fall under [Fair Use] policies. What this means is that they are here for illustrative and informative purposes only, and may not be used for profit or spread elsewhere without the permission of the copyright holder.

Please refrain from uploading any data or inputting any information that is not visible or accessible to the public as a player.

Please be mindful of what you submit, and source and credit your contributions if taking them from an outside source. Please do not share anything you do not have permission to share.