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<Lulwy of Wind>



The windy and free-spirited Goddess Lulwy values freedom above all else and no one can constrain her. However, she prefers to dominate others physically and mentally due to her sadistic taste. Her stunning naked body attracts many devotees.


Everyone loves Lulwy's ass.

Speed was king in Elona, and doubly so in Elin: with the removal of just about every source of intrinsic speed gains from herbs to Hermes' blood, worship of Lulwy remains one of the few innate sources of speed. Some may consider this advantage so great that they may worship her for this alone; the other deity to offer speed as a bonus, Kizuami of Trickery, only does so at half the rates for equivalent piety levels. The rest of Lulwy's bonuses are sharply focused around ranged combat with perception, bow, and crossbow on the offensive side, and evasion to dodge incoming attacks. She also grants bonuses to taming as part of her dominatrix nature, but the skill unfortunately is not yet implemented as of alpha 20.70.

Lulwy's Trick speeds up her worshippers even more, and is best used to escape well ahead of time or as an offensive measure. All divine actions cost stamina, though, so their use must be measured.

The black angel is a mixture of offense and defense; unlike Mani's android, she only has one instead of two extra ranged attacks, and if she's using a bow or crossbow to cleave to her god bonuses then her fast reload feat is rendered moot. However, she has offensive defense in the form of slow and insult, debuffing enemies' damage output. Her boost ability is fickle and hard to reliably maintain as she needs to be under 25% health for it to activate, but it does roughly triple her speed when in effect.

While bows can be harder to find, offerings to Lulwy are easy as booze of all sorts can be purchased from vendors such as bartenders or vending machines, or even made by the player in a brewing barrel.

Signals from God

Action Message
Converting "You know, you've made a right choice. I will treat you with great love, little kitty."
Turning Apostate "Huh, fool. A life without me is all but empty."
Taking Over An Altar "Oh my little puppet, you serve me well."
Failing to take over Lulwy's altar "Bad bad puppy. I need to punish you."
Offering items worth high value "Ahaha! More, I want more!"

"Good. Keep showering me with more gifts."

"Oh, such a nice gift. Do you have a secret intention or something?"

"Oh, what a smart one you are."

Load Game/Entering Home "Where were you until now? You need more breaking, it seems."
Sleeping "Fine, I'll unshackle you for a little while. Enjoy your sleep. But remember kitty, if you cheat on me in your dream, you'll never see a daylight again."
Praying "Pathetic Pigs."

"I've teared the former servant limb from limb to feed the sylphs. I just didn't like his hair style. Ahaha!"

"My children are the voices of the wind, never tied to anything."

"Mani? Say that name again and I'll mince you, kitty."

"Do you wish to know the name of the wind?"

"Oh, praying? That's a commendable attitude."

"Dedicate yourself to me, my kitten."

"Shall I tear you apart, or shall we play 'cut and shut'?"

"You're such a slowpoke. Work instead of praying."

Killing "How dirty."

"Wipe the blood off your hands."

"Aha! Mince! Mince! Bad kitty."

Using Ability "Become the wind!"

"Come! Ahaha!"

"Tear them to pieces!"

Granting Pet "Off you go, black angel."
Granting Artifacts "My dear little kitty, you deserve a reward, don't you think?"