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《Muramasa》 WT DMG HT PEN DV PV
A Bewitched Sword 3.0s 6d6 +5 60%
Ammo Capacity Empty Sockets Hardness
A divine katana imbued with the power of moonshadow, bestowed by Horome.
It is made of Meteorite.
It is categorized as Long Sword.
It uses the skill.
It uses the and Long Sword skill.
It is equipped to Hand.
It is owned by Horome of Moonshadow.
It absorbs mana.(*****+)(Faction)
It deals additional Nether damage.(*****+)(Faction)
It makes you float.(Faction)
It increases your chance to deliver critical hits.
It enhances your spells.(****)
It inflicts massive damage to humanoids.(*****+)
It grants you Fire Resistance. (*****)
It grants you Nerve Resistance. (*****)
It grants you Chaos Resistance. (*****)


The Muramasa is the second faith reward from Horome of Moonshadow.