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<Horome of Moonshadow>

The Goddess of Nefu who adores song and dance. She receives widespread support across species for her maternal yet ephemeral visage. In ancient times, she joined forces with her cherished brother Kizuami, wielding a pair of sacred blades to sever the body and soul of Yufu, a traitor who sided with the Gods of Negentropy. Her silhouette, performing a sword dance beneath the moonlight, is a vision of tragic beauty that has inspired countless plays.


She'll be both your mother and your wife~

Horome is the spellblade goddess, her bonuses tailored towards those who seek to pursue both martial and magic paths. The magical beauty of her silhouette lends itself to magic and charisma-based spells; she grants long sword bonuses for better melee performance, while casting bonuses help offset cast chance penalties from heavy equipment, shields and the like. Oddly enough, she's suitable as a goddess for performers due to her being the only deity to grant bonuses to music, and darkness resistance is useful for fighting many undead monsters.

Horome's feat of draining mana when attacking in melee means that players are encouraged to mix up melee and magic in their playstyles; so long as you can keep fighting, you can keep casting, and hopefully you'll cast some spells to keep you fighting. The amount of mana drained seems to be proportional to damage dealt, and grants immense amounts of sustain in drawn-out combats against monster houses or heavy-duty enemies like big daddies.

The headpat ability can be useful for recruiting NPCs without needing to resort to gifts or love potions.

The fox maid starts off weak, but eventually grows to become the tankiest apostle in the game with an impressive 200 life and boosted magic, dark and holy resistances. True to Japanese myth, each additional tail takes an exponentially increasing number of levels to gain, so you'll need to invest in her for the very long haul.

Gaining favour with Horome is relatively easy; rods can be purchased from magic stores.

Signals from God

Action Message
Converting "Oh my, Who do we have here? Serve me well, and I'll take good care of you."
Turning Apostate "I am sad to see you go..."
Taking Over An Altar "You have done so well, my lovely servant. I will pat your head as a reward."
Failing to take over Horome's altar "How adorable, did you think it would be that easy?"
Offering items worth high value "Your generosity is most appreciated, my lovely servant."

"Thank you, my lovely servant."

"Such effort! You've made me proud, my servant."

"Your faith warms me. My blessings are upon you."

Load Game/Entering Home "Oh, you have returned. My embrace is always open for you."
Sleeping "Let the shadow of moon bring you rest, wrapped in my tender care."
Praying "I had two brothers... well, I used to. Yufu is no longer..."

"Fear not the dark, for moonlight shall guide you."

"Kizuami is such a reliable big brother, though he can be a bit mean at times."

"Oh, what is wrong? Is there anything I can do for you?"

"Yes. yes, I am listening carefully."

"You have nothing to fear, my faithful servant. I will not let anyone hurt you."

"You are going well. I am watching, always."

"You wish to touch my tail? Oh, you are such a troublesome child."

Killing "What a good child you are!"

"Oh, what is this!"

"You are full of energy, are you not?"

"Oh my, no naughtiness now."

"Pity, they should never have touched my child."

Activating Ability (Not applicable)
Giving Pet "My fox maid, I would like you to take care of this mortal just as you served me."
Giving Artifact "May this serve you as you have served me, my beloved servant."