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<Kizuami of Trickery>



The capricious and playful guardian of Mifu, known for overseeing blessings and curses, is also widely worshiped among the fox tribes as the caring older brother of the Moonshadow goddess Horome. Always seeking new and interesting experiences, he is fascinated by the unpredictability of humans and enjoys interacting with the mortal realm as much as divine rules allow. His brotherly and caring nature, coupled with a fox-like disdain for seriousness, is well-acknowledged.


Entice, invite, incentivise! It's easy, just entrust everything to this fox!

Kizuami's bonuses appear to be all over the place at first, but what joins them together is a focus on party play. Charisma allows for a player to control more companions and summons, speed helps to offset the penalty for having too many allies, memorisation provides the stocks you'll be needing to cast party-wide spells, and control magic helps prevent your spells from hitting your entourage. The nether and holy resistances are more of a head-scratcher: while nether-element damage is common on undead creatures, almost nothing in the game uses holy-element damage against the player. However, enemies bearing Kizuami's faith will be resistant to holy-element spells used by the player, where almost no monsters in the game innately resist holy, either.

It's of note that with Kizuami's addition, Lulwy and Ehekatl are no longer the only Ylvan deity who grants speed and luck; however, Kizuami only grants speed and luck at about half the rate, so those seeking to be specialists in each stats should stick to these goddesses. Memorisation is useful to any spellcaster, but control magic is more situational with the ride and host actions allowing you to take up to two pets with you into your tile where there's no chance of your own spells hitting them.

The random nature of Kizuami's Trick makes it unpredictable; you might get the effects that are perfect for the situation, or they might all be irrelevant. On average, you'll get one or two useful buffs out of it.

Compared to the single-target focus fire of the Exile, the White Vixen is a corridor and room-clearer with her bolts, an aggressive pet for the support archetype a Kizuami worshipper is expected to be. Her ability to draw strength from cursed equipment is more of a novelty since you can't decide to which spell the XP is applied, but lucky rolls can train a few levels on rare spells like meteor and healing of Jure.

Gaining favour with Kizuami can be tricky, as his offerings are less readily available than some of the other gods. If you don't mind being a criminal, harvesting rice from Mifu Village is an option; alternatively, a well-invested baker can sell noodles which can readily be cooked into instant ramen. In addition to collecting Kizuami's favorite offerings, you should also use other means to gain favor, such as offering heavy meat and using faith scrolls.

Signals from God

Action Message
Converting "Welcome, welcome. I will ensure that you are never bored."
Turning Apostate "Leaving already? Pity, it was just getting good…"
Taking Over An Altar "You are my most favorite follower... for today."
Failing to take over Kizuami's altar "Watching you try is so amusing, it will have been worth it even if you do succeed."
Offering items worth high value "Well then, it would be impolite to refuse."

"Excellent taste you have there."

"Your eagerness to please is quite fetching."

"I will gladly accept. Thank you."

Load Game/Entering Home "Did you miss me?"
Sleeping "Well, you certainly look peaceful. May your life be as vivid as your dreams."
Praying "They say that when you pray to me, you might be blessed... or you might be cursed."

"You must be very brave, clever or desperate. Either way, I appreciate it."

"A little something from me to keep the show going."

"Your call does not go unheard. But will it be answered?"

"Allow me to lend you a hand."

"Do not worry, you can trust a fox."

"You are full of surprises. What will you do next, I wonder?"

"You have caught my attention. Let us make it worthwhile."

"Horome is such a child. Is she still accepting sweets as offerings?"

Killing "Magnificent showing back there."

"My, you have made quite the mess…"

"Never a dull moment with you, hmm?"

"You did it! I am proud of you."

"I hope this is as entertaining for you as it is for me."

Activating Ability "Trick or treat? Let us see!"

"Here goes, expect the unexpected."

"As you wish."

Granting Pet "This moral has served me well, daughter. Please, keep him company and attend to his every need."
Granting Artifact "You have been amusing and useful. Do you not think you deserve a reward?"