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<Opatos of Earth>



One of the primordial Gods, the God of the Earth, with many mysteries and darkness hidden behind his red-iron eyes. Half of his body is covered with an unworldly crystalline stone, and his wings are hardened. He is usually mild-mannered, but has a belligerent and ferocious side. He is a fierce and violent warrior of the divine world who sometimes breaks the prohibitions of the gods and interferes with the earth. In his wars against the Corrupted Gods, he has laid waste to many corpses, both friend and foe alike, and his highly respected by warriors.


At a first glance, worship of Opatos may seem tailored towards warrior archetypes only, given his bonuses to strength, endurance and shield. Nevertheless, he also grants bonuses to weightlifting as a utility skill, and mining and blacksmithing are production skills which everyone can make use of regardless of archetype. He has lost his bonuses to magic device from Elona, which currently only Jure grants.

However, both strength and endurance contribute to maximum health, and his 10% damage mitigation is also useful to just about any player archetype except those who plan to not get hit at all. Less durable character archetypes may choose to worship Opatos to shore up their weaknesses.

The golden knight is a strong contender for a tanking companion as she has taunt, nature's embrace, Opatos' damage reduction and the ability to survive fatal blows. With the player covering for her weakness of lack of an emergency heal, she can be an extremely strong defensive ally.

Gaining favour with Opatos is relatively easy because he accepts ores as offerings, which are readily available all over in big rocks, or as nodes in the walls of any cave nefia.

Signals from God

Action Message
Converting "Muwahahahahaha. You're mine!"
Turning Apostate "Muwahahahahahahaha!"
Taking Over An Altar "Muwahaha muwaha. Good. Good!"
Failing to take over Opatos's altar "Muwahahahaha! Weak! Weak!"
Offering items worth high value "Mwahahaha! Carry on!"




Load Game/Entering Home "Muwahahahahaha! Welcome back."
Sleeping "Muwahaha! I'll be following you, to your dream."
Praying "Muwahaha."

"I shall not listen to your troubles."



"Shall we test our strength? Mwahaha!"

"Muwahaha! Train hard!"

"Dare you disturb my slumber? Mwahaha!"

Killing "Mwahaha!"

"Die! Die! Mwahahaha!"