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<Kumiromi of Harvest>



He and his brother drifted though the universe as spores and took root in the earth of Ylva in the ancient times. He loves and watches over all the lives that are born and grow up without any distinction. He is not involved in factional disputes in the divine world, and often acts as an intermediary between the Gods and Goddesses.


Slow and gentle.

While other gods like Opatos and Lulwy have gained skills that don't directly pertain to combat like blacksmithing and taming, Kumiromi remains undisputed king of the slow life playstyle. Perception, dexterity and learning are all well and good, allowing Kumiromi worshippers to dabble in ranged combat, and alchemy, weaving and literacy are all useful life skills albeit with eventual diminishing returns, the crown jewel of Kumiromi's bonuses is that of farming. Since farming not only governs the maximum level of crop a player is able to grow, but also influences the chance a crop will increase in level when sickled, Kumiromi worshippers are quickly able to produce rich, high-quality harvests that improve both stats and potentials when cooked into excellent meals. High quality trees grown by Kumiromi worshippers also yield far more wood than wild trees for purposes such as carpentry and construction. While seeds are readily available in Elin, Kumiromi's ability to enhance seeds makes for better harvests, further boosting the quality of crops.

While not as egregious as in Elona, worshipping Kumiromi can make your character considerably more powerful in the long run.

The cute fairy is more of a support pet, and with 50 life should attached to the player as a symbiote at all times. His most notable ability is to summon tentacles; these have 180 life, draw nearby enemies close and root them with entangle, then continuously cast touch spells until someone dies. His ability to spit up seeds is unremarkable (as of alpha 20.70) but is planned to be able to spit up special seeds when they are introduced.

Gaining favour with Kumiromi is easy; seeds and vegetables are widely available from a range of vendors. However, the best offerings will always come from your own field.

Signals from God

Action Message
Converting "Welcome...I have...expectations on you..."
Turning Apostate "A trator...I can't...tolerate...."
Taking Over An Altar "Good work...truly..."
Failing to take over Kumiromi's altar "I...will have no mercy..for enemies...absolutely."
Offering items worth high value "This is...very good....Thank you."

"This is... good..."

"I will accept this..."

"Good thing..."

Load Game/Entering Home "Welcome back...I was...waiting for you."
Sleeping "Good night...May a bright sprout brought forth tomorrow..."
Praying "Twitter of trees...song weaved by forests...if you strain your ears...."

"This conflict between Gods...ugly."

"My Ehekatl...you are not what you used to be..."

"I will give...more than you spoil... The bounty of the earth... can you feel it...?

"Your prayers...reached me..."

"I'm always watching... your endeavors."

"Yes... stay there..."

"The life that sprouts... and the life that withers... I merely watch over..."

"Flowers... and you... will eventually..."

Killing "You got dirty."

"Don't kill too much."

"...are you satisfied now?"

Activating Ability N/A
Ready To Give Gift
Giving Pet "Goodbye, dear fairy."