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<Ehekatl of Luck>



Goddess Ehekatl was born to the king of the Cat God as his seventh child, who was said to bring good fortune. Overcoming many disasters brought by her sister, she was ascended to Goddess with the aid of Kumiromi. Because of her all-round benefits, she has many followers, young and old, male and female. At the present, her mental is turning back to cat's due to a certain incident.



As her description states, anyone can benefit from worship of Ehekatl, because her bonuses are very very generic. Charisma allows one to keep more allies and summons, but the true prize is luck: she is one of the few deities who boost this stat, which allows for rerolls of just about any failed roll in the game. The other deity to offer luck as a bonus, Kizuami of Trickery, only does so at half the rates for equivalent piety levels. Evasion, magic capacity and stealth are bonuses that while still narrower in focus, are still broadly applicable, and as for fishing, everyone needs to eat.

The flip side of Ehekatl's generality is that her bonuses don't exactly go hard and deep on more focused gods like Mani and Lulwy; benefits of her worship are applicable in just about any situation thanks to Elin's new luck mechanics, but they may not have as many watershed moments where one feels they may have turned the tide.

Her passive generally does lead to a decrease in stamina and mana consumption, but the randomised costs can make planning out a workday or assessing how many spell casts one has left troublesome.

The black cat is extremely fragile at 50 life and should be hosted on the player all the time. It's extremely good at locking down enemies with eye of insanity, and its ability to improve loot from enemies and chests is easier to use than it was in Elona since it doesn't need to land the killing blow to lick an item.

Fish for gaining favour with Ehekatl may be fished up by the player, or simply bought en masse at a fishmonger. Unlike Elona, however, you must offer her properly fresh fish, as rotten fish severely diminishes its value as an offering.

Signals from God

Action Message
Converting "Weee! You really have faith in me? Do you really?"
Turning Apostate "Mewmewmew! Really betray me? Really betray me?"
Taking Over An Altar "Weeee! I'm so happy. I like you! I like you!"
Failing to take over Ehekatl's altar "Stupid stupid! Stupid!"
Offering items worth high value "Mew mew mew meow!"



"Good thing!"

Load Game/Entering Home "Weeee♪ You are back? You are back!"
Sleeping "Are you going to sleep? Really sleepy? Good night!"
Praying "Coconut crab!"

"King crab!"

"Mew? A prayer...?"

"Do you want something? Mew?"

"Wow! You surprised me! Don't play too many tricks!"

"Don't forget about me? We'll always be together! "

"Mewmew. Let's play again!"

Killing "More! More!"

"It's dead! Dead!"

"Meoow mew mew."

Activating Ability N/A
Giving Pet "Here, you can go play!"
Giving Artifact "Here's a gift! For you! Mewmew!"
Using ★Ehekatl's Body Pillow