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<Jure of Healing>



She is a graceful Goddess of innocence with beautiful green jade-colored eyes and a lineage of ancient deities. She is Ondina's younger sister and Eris's older sister, but her memory of Eris is lacking and the other Gods refuse to discuss the subject. The feathers that fall from the small wings on her head are believed to cure all illnesses and fake feathers are sold for a high price on earth. She is earnest, gentle, yet sometimes fussy. For some reason, she has many radical followers.


She loves you, she loves you not...

While slightly tilted towards healer archetypes, worship of Jure is generic enough that just about anyone can take advantage of her bonuses. Her stat bonus, will, is what holy-domain spells run off of, and these encompass just about every healing and restorative spell in the game. Combined with another stat bonus, endurance, Jure's followers are more resistant to being struck. Anatomy and cooking are okay for helping players achieve cooking better meals earlier, while meditation and magic capacity help passively sustain one in protracted fights. However, the health returns from regeneration are too small to be significant in any combat situation, and a bevy of statuses from burning to poison all negate natural regeneration, rendering the skill moot in such situations. With the addition of canes, Jure's bonus to magic device can be used offensively in much greater capacity.

Jure is the first choice for any paladin player; paladins aligned with Jure learn the lay on hands passive, which is a once-per-sleep death save.

Prayer of Jure is an excellent healing option that is available to even non-caster archetypes, but since it draws from the same pool of stamina that fuels death saves, one needs to weigh the costs and benefits of using this powerful healing ability.

Despite his name, the defender is a dedicated support apostle and cannot tank effectively, lacking a taunt and other mitigation measures. With party-wide healing, status protection and a once-per-sleep death save, his support abilities are unparalleled and thus he should be kept as a healer.

Worship of Jure is easy and hard at the same time. Since she takes junk as offerings, rifling through your garbage is valid; however, since offering strength is dependent on item value which junk typically lacks, you'll need a lot of it. More substantial offerings may be needed for the sake of converting other gods' altars; a small stack of cake is useful for such.

Signals from God

Action Message
Converting "I- I don't expect you to be my servant... I- I r-really don't, you silly!"
Turning apostate "I- I don't miss you. I- I really don't!"
Taking over an altar "W-What? I- I'm not gonna praise you. I'm not!"
Failing to take over Jure's altar "W-What have you done!"
Offering items worth high value "I- I'm not that pleased. I- I'm not, you silly!"

"Y-You are giving me this?"

"I- I will not say thank you!"


Load game/entering home "N-no... I- wasn't looking for you! Silly!"
Sleeping "I- I'll never give you a good night kiss...ever!"
Praying "W-What? Silly!"

"Am I really suitable for this job?"

"W-What's wrong?"

"Are you...tired? C-Come to me and rest! "

"I- I am Jure, the bringer of healing..."

"Defender...? Wait, where did you go? Defender! "

"It's my job to heal weary souls."

Killing "N-Not bad, for you."

"S-Stop it. Disgusting..."

"Don't look at me!"

Activating ability "Shine a healing light on this wounded soul!"

"Arise once more!"

"Go forth!"

Ready to give gift
Giving pet
Using ★Jure's Body Pillow "W-Wake up already!"