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<Itzpalt of Element>



The red-haired duke who has existed since the most ancient of times, and who prides himself on being the chief of the Gods. His wings, which change their brilliance in five colors, are sometimes covered in a flame that consumes everything, and sometimes with a dew that freezes everything. There was a time when he was in a state of despair due to his remorse for not having prevented the death of his beloved Goddess Odina, but he has recently been recovering.


The grandiose ruler of Ylva's pantheon, Itzpalt nevertheless gives credit where it's due.

Worship of Itzpalt is focused on pure caster archetypes; while hybrid character archetypes like warmage can also benefit from his bonuses, Horome may be better suited to their needs. With bonuses to magic, meditation, and fire, ice and lightning resistances, Itzpalt is focused on increasing your MP pool and elemental resistances. Compared to Elona, his resistance boosts are now considerably more attractive with how resistances work now; it's possible to eventually become completely immune to fire, ice and lightning damage at 20 resistance each. This is compounded by there being fewer equipment slots to go around, so innate protection against these damage types is a considerably more attractive choice now.

With prayer now costing no piety and death protection costing stamina to activate, absorb stamina is less attractive, but it's always good to have options.

The exile is the undisputed king of single-target magic damage amongst pets; while his dartcasting has been reduced from three darts in Elona to two, both darts deal full damage. This means that there's no loss in damage from Elona, where the second and third darts only dealt half damage. An added bonus is that he's innately immune to nether, dark and magic damage, the first two of which appear often on undead enemies.

Now that Itzpalt also accepts spellbooks and all polearms, not just staves as offerings, he's much easier to worship. Mages following Itzpalt do have to decide between actually reading potentially pricey spellbooks or sacrificing them to their god, though.

Signals from God

Action Message
Converting "Do not fail me, servant."
Turning Apostate "Remember mortal, a betrayal is not something I can forgive."
Taking Over An Altar "Impressive. Your action shall be remembered."
Failing to take over Itzpalt's altar "You shall pay a painful price for your foolish try."
Offering items worth high value "I appriciate it, mortal."

"Indeed, a noble intention."

"I offer my gratitude, mortal."

"You are a paragon among the faithful."

Load Game/Entering Home "And so the mortal returns. You shall serve me again."
Sleeping "Relieve your fatigue. May the eternal flame protects you from filthy beings that crawl in the shroud of night."
Praying "Every one of your actions weaves the threads of fate."

"My eyes are always with you, mortal."

"The day will come when your soul, too, shall return to the elements."

"Your prayers reach my ears."

"Praise me not with words, but with your deeds."

"Idleness is the devil's workshop."

"You mortals will never understand the pain we hold."

"My name is Itzpalt. I am the origin of elements, the king that bears the earliest flame and the master of all the Gods."

"God's war never end. In times to come, you shall be a warrior of my faction."

Killing "Impressive."

"And so the soul returns to its source."

"Chant my name proudly. Flame and eternal rest for the dead."

Using Ability "Let a flame ignite in your soul."

"Blessings of the elements be upon you."

"Use this well."

Granting Pet "Exile, redeem your sins in service of this mortal."
Granting Artifact "To answer your loyalty, you shall have this reward."